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This article provides information on Mario Molina Reddit and more details about his career and discovery.

Who is Mario Molina? What Mario Molina discovered? Why Google Doodle celebrates Mario Molina’s birthday? Google Doodle celebrates Mario Molina birthday, The Mexican Nobel Laureate birthday Worldwide, who helped save the ozone layer. Are you interested to know more about Mario Molina and his contribution to the nation? Read Mario Molina Reddit article to know about science and environmental contribution. 


Mario Molina – Birthday Celebration

Google Doodle is rejoicing in the birth of Mario Molina, a well-known Mexican chemist who made ground-breaking contributions. He contributed to the field of impressive chemistry and ecological protection. 

In 1995 Mario Molina was awarded Nobel Prize for his work in atmospheric chemistry on the ozone layer. On March 19th, Google Doodle celebrated to honor his birthday. It is his 80th birthday. Google Doodle honor Mario Molina’s legacy and contributions to chemical science and environmental protection.

Mario Molina Wikipedia

Mexican chemist Mario Molina was born on March 19th, 1943. His scientific work helped to educate awareness about air pollution danger and the significance of environmental protection. 

He was awarded for his amazing work and received the Nobel Prize in the chemical science of atmospheric chemistry and the ozone layer. 

Dr. Mario Molina was one of the best researchers in chemistry who exposed how chemicals exhaust Earth’s ozone shield. And he provided awareness to protect humans, plants, wildlife, and other resources from dangerous ultraviolet light rays. For this work, Google Doodle honors and celebrates the Mexican chemist, Nobel award winner who helped to save the ozone layer.

Molina Wikipedia Deutsch

Mexican chemist Mario Molina played an essential role in innovating the Antarctic ozone hole. And also received Nobel Prize in the field of Chemistry for discovering the risk to the Ozone layer. That means Earth’s ozone layer is destructing by chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gases. For his amazing work and awareness, he honored Noble price. Mario Molina was the first Mexican scientist to receive a Nobel Chemistry Prize.

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Mario Molina’s Biography

Mario Molina whispered teaching positions and research at various universities. He started his research work at the University of California, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, IrvineUniversity of California, San DiegoCalifornia Institute of Technology. And also he did research work at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Center for Atmospheric Sciences. Mario Molina was the Mario Molina Center for Energy and Environment Director in the Mexico City. And also he is an environmental policy advisor to Enrique Peña NietoPresident of Mexico

Mario Molina’s Death

On October 7th, 2020, Mario Molina died from a heart attack. The National Autonomous University of Mexico announced Mario Molina’s death.

Mario Molina’s Personal life

In July 1973, Mario Molina married chemist Luisa Y. Tan. They met at the University of California, Berkeley, when Molina pursued his Ph.D. Then the couple separated in 2005.

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The great Mexican scientist Mario Molina was honored by the Google Doodle on March 19th. Watch more about Mario Molina’s awareness and  game related to environmental pollution at this link.

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Mario Molina Game: FAQ

Q1. Who is Mario Molina? 

The Mexican scientist

Q2. What award did he receive for his work?

Noble prize

Q3. What he discovered?

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) deplete the ozone layer.

Q4. Why is he important?

He was awarded the Noble prize.

Q5. What is Molina’s Net worth?

$76 Million

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