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Maria Telkes Family: What Is Her Cause of Death? Also Check Her Net Worth, Husband, Birthday, Age, and Biography Details!

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Google doodle helps us remember those who have created history. It helps us know famous personalities, so we don’t forget them like this time it is Maria Telkes.

Do you know what the contribution of Maria Telkes is to solar energy? People Worldwide are curious to know about her. Let’s read the article about Maria Telkes Family till the end to know more.


Why is Maria Telkes getting searched?

On 12 December 2022, Maria Telkes showed off on google doodle, so many people started searching for her history to know more about Maria. She was not married. Therefore, her family has only mother and father, and their details are mentioned below in the table. Her invention helps during the time of world war. She is famously known for thermoelectricity. Due to her invention, we can do many things nowadays. At the Age of 94, she died.

Do you know what she did? If not, then let’s find out. Maria is known by the title “Sun queen” because she is the one due to whom invention, we can use solar energy nowadays. At first, she invented a solar distillation device; further, humans used that principle to make certain devices based on the same. Google doodle celebrates her Birthday on 12 December.

Maria Telkes inventions?

Are you wondering why Maria only invent one thing? So, you might be wrong as Maria’s inventions are non-stop as she does a brief search on solar energy and has made certain things like Solar ovens, solar distillation, and much more. Throughout her life, she also received many awards, like the women’s engineer award.

What is the Cause of Death of Maria?

Death is always painful as we get attached to our loved ones over time. After google doodle displays maria, people are curious to know the cause behind her death. Maria dies of natural cause at the age of 94 as, with time out body becomes restless, and eventually, everyone has to leave this world. Let’s know about Maria’s personal life.

Maria Telkes Biography:

Full name Maria Telkes
Another name Sun queen
Date of birth 12th December 1990
Age 94
Birthplace Budapest in Hungary
Profession Scientist, biophysicist
Known for Thermo-electricity
Died 2 December 1995
Death place Hungary
Awards Hall of fame, best inventor(national)
First invention Solar heated home
Study field Physics
Education qualification Graduation and PhD
Parents Aladar, Maria Laban
Siblings Unknown
Husband Never married
Children No

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Google doodle placed Maria Telkes on 12 December, her birthday, to remind us of our sun queen, due to which we are using solar energy nowadays. For more information about Maria Telkes, visit the link.

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Maris Telkes Game FAQs:

Q1. How many children does Maria Telkes have?

Maria Telkes decided never to marry in her life as she is more concentrated on her inventions, so she doesn’t have children.

Q2. Where is her hometown, Maria?

She resides in Budapest, Hungary. She was born and died there.

Q3. How did the invention of solar energy take place?

Maria first traps the energy, then distributes it with the help of Fans, then sodium sulphate crystallization you can refer to Video for clear understanding.

Q4. Why is she known as the sun queen?

Because she is the inventor of solar energy, she teaches us the effective use of solar energy.

Q5. Where did she pass her graduation?

She went to a university in Budapest to complete her B. A and Ph.D.

Q6. What is the known net worth of Maria Telkes?

According to online sources, she has a Net Worth of $1 million.

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