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Marcus Rosebrock Linkedin: Check Complete Information On Forest Hills NY

The following article has elaborated information on Marcus Rosebrock LinkedIn. Know all the details about Marcus Rosebrock Forest Hills NY.

Do you know about Marcus Rosebrock? Have you seen his Linkdln profile? Marcus Rosebrock LinkedIn has been searched by many people as the matter has not been pacified yet. Marcus Rosebrock of the United States is accused of being racist after splashing water at a party. Many people are new to this matter. So in this post, we will learn full-fledged details about it.

Marcus Rosebrock LinkedIn

As per sources, Marcus Rosebrock’s LinkedIn profile is unavailable on the platform. Marcus Rosebrock is accused of racism. The matter started in September 2022 when Marcus Rosebrock was accused of splashing water through a horse on the Latino and Black guests. The neighbors were having a good time with their guests at the party in the yard when suddenly water started splashing all over their guests.

 They noticed that the water was thrown intentionally by the next door. The neighbour, doctor Claude Duroseau claimed that the water was thrown to stop the music and party. Marcus Rosebrock has revealed that he has been receiving death threats and he is scared for his children’s safety.

Marcus Rosebrock Forest Hills NY

On 17 September 2022, a party was going on in Forest Hills, New York when suddenly the guests were splashed with water through a hose by a neighbor. Dr Claude Duroseau, the party host has stated that the water was thrown intentionally to stop the music. He further added that if someone had asked him to stop the music as their children can’t sleep then he would have done that automatically. 

The family has filed a lawsuit against Marcus Rosebrock claiming that he has his actions were racially motivated. Dr. Claude Duroseau stated that though a year has passed since the incident had happened he still feels traumatized.

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Statement by Marcus Rosebrock Forest Hills NY 

The attorney of Marcus Rosebrock has stated that Marcus Rosebrock was trying to save his property and children. Marcus denied all the allegations regarding racism that were put on him. Marcus Rosebrock is from Germany and he is accused of racist practice with his neighbours. The news has spread on social media also. People on social media are backlashing Marcus Rosebrock for doing such an act. 

However, the racist claims are denied by Marcus Rosebrock. His neighbour, Dr Claude Duroseau said that an unknown lady went to the party with his dog and asked to turn down the music. People are also searching Marcus Rosebrock LinkedIn account but as per our research, it’s not available. Amit the ongoing dispute, Marcus has installed a security camera at his home as he was receiving death threats. Marcus lives with his wife and children. The video of the incident is also available.

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In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, we couldn’t find linkdln profile of Marcus Rosebrock. The update regarding this case is that Marcus Rosebrock is receiving threats. He is scared for his family as he is receiving threatening calls from someone. Although Marcus has denied the racist allegations. The Marcus Rosebrock Forest Hills NY matter has not closed yet. You can visit this page to grab more details on Marcus Rosebrock.

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