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[Watch Video] Mama Boy Tiktok Arrested: What Happened to Him? For Wich Crime He Is In Prison?

Are you discovering about the Mama Boy TikTok Arrested case trending over the Internet? Kindly relentlessly read ahead for more updates. 

Do you wish to get a clarified description of the arrest update of the Mama Boy TikTok? If yes, reading this post until the last line will give you the correct information. 

Numerous reports concerning inappropriate activities bloom daily in major countries like the  United States and India. These cases rapidly catch the headlines and become a trendy topic in no time. However, this article will give all the recent updates on the Mama Boy TikTok Arrested

About the Mama Boy TikTok Arrested Matter

Popularly known as Mama Boy, Seo Won Joeng is a celebrity who shook the Internet over the past few days. The reason for his trending online is his connection with inappropriate activities. As soon as the matter went online, it caused a massive hoax amongst his fans and social platforms, including Twitter, YouTube and Reddit. 

The digital star, Mama Boy, has a significant following on YouTube and TikTok, but the improper matter concerning him puts the Internet users and his followers in terrible shock. 

What Happened to Mama Boy Case Recently? 

According to the reports, the Korea SBS declared that a TikTok celebrity, aged around 20, has been in charge of misbehaving with a woman. Moreover, the sad incident involved another man with the star committing the ill-behaviour. 

The research discovered that the incident took place in July 2023, when the woman had become unconscious, and afterwards, the two men took her to a friend’s home. They misbehaved with the lady until she gained consciousness. 

When searching for the Mama Boy TikTok Crime, we found that on 12th December 2023, the police responded, asked them several questions, and charged them with the case. The investigations proceeded to trial when the victim filed the complaint against them. 

On 15th December 2023, the case prosecution began, and it is said that the first trial will take place on 17th January 2023. If the court finds the TikTok star guilty of the said allegations, he is expected to get seven years in prison.

However, our research on the Mama Boy Prison found that the Korean police department has not officially announced the evildoers’ names. However, the indication from the blurred images pointed out the TikTok star.

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Reaction to the Mama Boy Arrest Case

Over the Internet, the case caught fire and flooded various social platforms. Specifically on YouTube, the users are addressing the matter as the most horrible thing ever. Some users don’t believe that the male Tiktoker can do this improperly, considering his funny and friendly demeanour in the videos. 

Reaction to the Mama Boy Arrest Case

Also, during our research on Mama Boy TikTok Arrested, we discovered that many users are addressing not to judge anyone by their looks. A few YouTube comments felt terrible for the woman and wanted the criminal to be in jail. 

A Short Intro to the Mama Boy

A Short Intro to the Mama Boy

  • Seo Won Joeng is a famous TikToker and YouTuber who posts funny reaction content. 
  • The famous digital star was known as the Mama Boy, as he kept shouting the Mama word in his videos. 


This post gives all the critical updates on the Mama Boy TikTok Arrested case trending on different social platforms. Please note that we only mention the facts about the case here, not supporting anyone through our article. 

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