Top 5 Interesting Facts About Maeng Da Kratom

5 Interesting Facts About Maeng Da Kratom             

Organic products are becoming part and parcel of everyone’s daily routine because, in today’s modern world, most products are infused with different chemicals to process and make them ready to consume. 

However, regarding your wellness these chemical-based products might be dangerous and prone to cause several diseases in the long run. Everyone is adopting a lifestyle where they can avoid as many health deteriorations as possible and take pure, chemical-free products. 

With the advancement of technology and media channels, more individuals are becoming aware of the cons of impure chemical products. Hence, they incline towards pure organic products for a better lifestyle. Further, we will discuss one natural product called Kratom and the related maeng da kratom strains.

Different Types Of Kratom Strains

Kratom is a natural product that comes from the Mitragyna plant. It is a tree that grows mainly in Thailand, Indonesia, and several other Southeast Asian countries. The leaves are broad in shape and lush green in color. Also, the trees are tall and require more than 7 hours of sunlight because their growth depends on the climatic conditions. Therefore, they are also a good fit for farmers to cultivate in the plant rotation method of agriculture.

Like many other products, natural products also have a variety of strains with varying colors, smells, and potency. Generally, the name and color of the strain depend on the tree and its origin, while the potency varies with the leaves’ maturity. For example, one of the families of Kratom is the Maeng Da strain.

Every strain has its qualities and uses depending on the potency, color, and other characteristics it has to deliver. Further, we shall discuss the variants available on the market. Here, our prime focus is on the family of the Maeng Da strains.

There are various strains available based on the number of characteristics of the mitragynine plant leaves. Kratom strains come from leaves of different maturity ages. There are majorly three colors: red, green, and white. Broadly, we can say that the red color strain has the highest potency while white has the least.

What Is Maeng Da Kratom?

One of the families of strains of this mitragynine-based product is known as the Maeng Da. Maeng Da in Thai means pimp or pimp grade. It is one of the few prevalent and potent strains available worldwide. It is further graded based on the characteristic of leaves as follows:

Red Maeng Da

In this strain, there are red and white vein mixes of the plant with more than 35% white and less than 65% red ratio.

Green Maeng Da

Depending on various factors, it has a mixture of green and white veins of plant powder with more than 15% white to less than 85% green proportion. There are products like pure kratom leaf, extracts, powder, and shots available on the market. 

White Maeng Da

This Maeng Da blend contains more than 65% white vein with more than 25% green vein and commonly comes from Indonesia.

5 Interesting Facts About Maeng Da Kratom


This pimp-grade strain is one of the most potent varieties and remains in high demand in the entire market. Due to this, it becomes necessary for the vendors to keep competitive pricing. Although, it becomes hard to achieve affordability as the purity and potency of the product can make it more expensive. 

Widely Available

Every form of the Maeng Da has its uses. It is widely available in different forms like powdered dried leaves, capsules, and liquid. One can pick them easily. The customer can also choose among them according to the feasibility of consumption. The Maeng Da strain is also available in the online market nowadays. As per the study of Sage Journals, more than 45% of people in the USA consume it to get the desired effects.

Suitable For Beginners

As per the National Institute on Drug Abuse study, more than 0.5% of the population of more than 11 years of age use Kratom-based products. These strains can be beginner friendly as it has the white Maeng Da strain, which has low potency. Although, one has to be very skeptical about the dosage and should take the least potent Maeng Da strain starting. They can go with the white strain for the initial days and then progress towards other more potent strains. With the increase in experience, users can try the red variant gradually. Also, the white Maeng Da is affordable compared to the red and green variants. Green strain can also benefit people who have gained little experience and can handle the increase in potency.

Can Go With Edibles/Food

The family of the Maeng Da strain of this product can also be an addition to food items. We can mix it with edible items such as oils, tea, and delicacies mostly made in Southeast Asia. Hence, it becomes easy to consume the product.

Completely Natural And Organic

The best thing about this pimp-grade product is that it is organic and does not contain harmful chemicals. Hence, the effects that may arise by using chemical-based products are not present. The properties of the ingredients also remain intact due to the minimal processing to make the product edible.


To conclude, this product’s family of the Maeng Da strain has its benefits and easy usage. Due to this, it has been a versatile choice for consumers. Also, it has high potency, which means small quantities can be sufficient to achieve desired results. These products have gained popularity due to them being discussed more on social media among individuals. With the rush over the internet, the logistics chain has improved to supply these products safely and quickly. 

It also helps in reducing the cost of the product. Overall, one should be wise enough to know What Is Maeng Da Kratom and consume it mindfully with varying dosages and quality. The customers buying it online should do proper research to select the best vendor to get the best quality and the price of this pimp-grade product.

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