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Maegan Hall Police Video: Were the Video Viral On Reddit? Check Out Details On Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter Handles!

This article provides information on the Maegan Hall Police Video and other necessary facts related to the viral news.

Did you hear about the news of a police officer’s wife and her relationship with other men? Recently, news got viral in the United States and other countries where a lady was fired from duty due to an unhealthy relationship with her co-workers.

If you want to know about the Maegan Hall Police Video and other things related to the news, then check out the article till the end.


Why is the Maegan Hall video trending?

Maegan Hall, who is a police officer in the United States, got fired because of her affairs with other co-workers in the same department. The superior officers collected different videos and images, which Maegan sent from private pictures to their co-workers.

Maegan News Viral On Reddit

This news gets viral on different platforms, and the readers can find the appropriate information on different websites by checking out different articles. It is believed that Maegan was involved with six other male officers when she was on duty.

In some photos, it is seen that Maegan is removing her top at the “Girls Gone Wild” party and involved in inappropriate activities while on duty at La Vergne, Tennessee, police station.

Where are the photos and videos available?

The photos and videos are available on Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms as it is getting the unwanted limelight of the readers. The readers can find different statements in her photos with her husband and the police officers as people make fun of the situation.

Maegan said in her interview that she and her husband were in an open marriage, and she wasn’t satisfied with her husband’s private part size.

Who are the officers involved in the act?

There is confusion about the number of people involved in the act, as some article on Twitter states that there are six men while other states that there are four men. However, the names of the officers are:

  • Juan Lugo-Perez
  • Lewis Powell
  • Detective Seneca Shields
  • Henry Ty McGowan

The superior officers appoint an internal investigation to get the facts and take the necessary steps to maintain discipline in the police station.


Who are the officers involved in the act

Officers’ point of view on the investigation

The fellow officers in the stations are concerned about the mental health of Maegan Hall’s husband. In an interview on Youtube, it is seen that the officers are worried about Hall’s mental condition because of his harmful thoughts and drinking problem.

Mrs. Hall invited many fellow officers to their homes for football matches and therefore got intimate with the officers in different hotel rooms.

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Final Thoughts

The incident shocked everyone as the news and videos got viral on the internet, especially platforms like Tiktok, and now everyone knows about it. Let’s see the outcome of the investigation and how the husband will deal with the situation. 

What are your views about the incident? Please comment below.

Maegan Hall Police Video– FAQs

1: How many officers are fired and suspended?

A: 8 cops have faced action, wherein five are fired, and three are suspended.

2: Are there any actions taken against Maegan Hall?

A: She got fired from the La Vergne PD.

3: Where was the incident take place?

A: Tennessee

4: What is the name of Maegan’s husband?

A: Jedidah Hall

5: Where are the videos and photos available?

A: The photos are available on Telegram and other platforms.

6: When were Maegan and Jedidah married?

A: May 23, 2018.

7: What is the birthplace of Jedidah Hall?

A: Chapel Hill, Tennessee.

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