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Madix Ariana Instagram: Who is Tom Sandoval & Her Brother? Know The Unknown Facts Now!

This post discusses the recent viral news of the breakup of Ariana Madix and other details related to Madix Ariana Instagram being deleted.

Have you heard about the breakup news of Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval? Would you like to know the details of the break up briefly? If yes, this post is a guide for readers interested in knowing more about the case. Recently the news of Ariana’s breakup has been trending in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and many others. 

Let us explore other details about the debacle and why Madix Ariana Instagram no longer exists. Know more details related to the case below. 


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Why did Ariana Madix delete her Instagram account? 

A popular media house has confirmed the news of the break up between two popular stars, Ariana Madix, and Tom Sandoval. The news started to spread all over the internet, and users are discussing the same all-over social media platforms. 

Ariana and Tom were in a relationship from 2014 until now. Shortly after the separation news broke out, Ariana deleted her Instagram handle. Ariana Madix Tom Sandoval went separate ways, and for her mental peace, Ariana took a break from social media. Furthermore, links are attached for more information. 

What was the reason behind the breakup of Ariana and Tom? 

According to the reports, Tom has been caught cheating on Ariana with his co-star, Raquel leviss. This is not the first controversy related to Raquel; before this, she was also involved in a controversy with Tom Schwartz during his time of divorce when she kissed him.

What is Ariana’s brother’s reaction after the news broke out? 

After the scandal, Ariana’s Brother Instagram stood up to support his sister and stated in an interview that maybe Tom is facing a mid-life crisis, and everyone knows what kind of girl Raquel is, and she loves show business. 

Not only Ariana’s brother but also other people like her co-star Lala Kent. Kristen doute and Kennedy supported Ariana in the present predicament by posting their views on their social media handles.

Who is Ariana Madix? 

Ariana Madix is a 37-year-old talented woman. Ariana is a well-known TV personality who participated in the reality show Vanderpump Rules, where she met Tom Sandoval. Madix Ariana Instagram works as a model, author, and actress also. 

Ariana started her TV career through a TV show and has appeared on various other shows from time to time. She also appeared in films like Dead End, Working It Out, Dirty Dealing, Killer Eye etc. 

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Final Thoughts 

Ariana has been dealing with a lot nowadays, and in the past, she also suffered from eating disorders and recovered from them. Fans are hoping for her well-being and support to stay strong.

What are your views about this controversy? Comment below. 

Madix Ariana Instagram: FAQs

Q1. Who is Ariana Madix? 

Ariana is a famous TV artist, actress, model, and author. 

Q2. Are Ariana and Tom still in a relationship? 

No, it is confirmed by a famous news forum that they broke up a few days back. 

Q3. Why did Tom and Ariana break up? 

According to the rumors, Tom has cheated on Ariana with his co-star, Raquel Leviss. 

Q4. What are the public sentiments toward the scandal? 

Most of the public is in support of Ariana, while others are in favor of Tom. 

Q5. Why did Ariana delete her Instagram handle? 

Madix Ariana’s Instagram account is deactivated post her breakup to gain some mental peace. 

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