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In the below post, we will discuss Madison Brooks Obituary details and the reason behind her death.

Did you hear the news that Madison’s death happened on Sunday? Do you know the cause of her death? The news of Madison’s death shocked the entire United States. People are looking for the reason for her death and her obituary details to pay tribute. People widely discuss her death on social media platforms and how this young soul left the world too soon.

If you are looking for the reason for her death, you must read this post until the end. However, people are also looking for Madison Brooks Obituary and asking for justice for her.  

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Obituary details of Madison Brooks

Madison Brooks’s obituary will be held on February 3, 2023, Friday at St. Peter Catholic Church, 125 E. 19th Ave, Covington, LA 70433, from 11 P.M. to 1 P.M. Her mass of Christian is going to happen on February 3, 2023, Friday, 125 E. 19th Ave., Covington, LA 70433 at 1 P.M. 

Moreover, the interment will be held on February 3, 2023. The interment ceremony will be at Pinecrest Memorial Park, 2280 W. 21st. Ave., Covington, LA 70433.

What was the reason for Madison’s death trending on Reddit?

Madison Brooks died on January 15, 2023, when she was hit by a car. She was hit by the car at 2:50 A.M. on Burbank Drive in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

According to the sources, she was killed and was transported to the nearest hospital due to her heavy injuries.

Who is Madison Brooks?

Madison Brooks is a young 19 years old girl. She was an Alpha Phi sorority member and a sophomore at Lousiana State University.

Details of the incident

According to investigation and reports, Madison was found leaving a local bar between 1 A.M. and 2 A.M. with four males. However, it is unclear whether she knows all these males. Even not her Parents confirm any details associated with these males.  

According to the police, Casen Carver reached the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters and disclosed the details of the unethical incident and his encounter with Madison.

Have the police made any arrests in this case?

Till now, police have arrested 4 males in this case. According to the police, two are charged with principle to alleged act, and two are charged with third-degree unethical activity.

Our condolence and sympathy are with the friends and Family of Madison Brooks.

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Madison Brooks died on January 15 when she was hit by a car. Her obituary will be on Friday, February 3, 2023, at St. Peter Catholic Church, 125 E. 19th Ave, Covington, LA 70433, from 11 P.M. to 1 P.M. 

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Madison Brooks Obituary– FAQs

Q1. Who was involved in the alleged activity? 

Ans. Kaivon Deond, Casen Carver, Everett Lee, and one minor were involved in this alleged activity.

Q2. What is the age of the minor criminal?

Ans. Is he 17 years old?

Q3. Who was charged with the principal alleged activity?

Ans. Case Carver and Everett Lee were charged with the principle of the alleged activity.

Q4. Who is charged with third-degree unethical activity?

Ans. Kaivon Deond Washington and another minor were charged with the alleged third-degree activity.

Q5. Does the police arrest all four criminals?

Ans. Yes, police have arrested all four males involved in the case.

Q6. Is Madison intentionally hit by the car?

Ans. Yes, she was intentionally hit by these men.

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