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This research on Luz Gonzalez Video Reddit will keep the readers updated on the accident of Luz Gonzalez that was held in 2018.

Do you remember the horrific accident of Luz Gonzalez? When and how did this accident happen? Many people are discussing the death of this young girl and searching for videos and photos. Luz Gonzalez Video Reddit is heartbreaking footage of a girl who got stuck in a car and was pronounced dead. To know the complete details of this incident in the United States, kindly stay in touch with us. 


Trending Video of Luz Gonzalez!

As per online sources, a young girl 4 years old was struck by an SUV car. The driver had no idea about the girl. This resulted in the death of the young girl and left her mother injured. The video of this incident is trending on Reddit and people are trying to seek more details on this accident.

Luz Gonzalez Accident Video: Learn All Updates! 

As per reports, Jeanette Maria who was driving an SUV in the parking lot of Bushwick Laundromat had killed a young girl who was with her mother on the Brooklyn sidewalk. She was charged with the hit-and-run case. And two years later, the public demanded her arrest. As per reports, people said that it is enough to charge her as the video clearly shows how brutally she crushed the toddler. The accident’s video is trending on many platforms like Instagram and others. People are searching for the video and the facts on the complete accident. 

DISCLAIMER: The video is disturbing as it shows a girl being struck in a car and died. Some of our readers may find the video cruel. 

The Condition of Family! 

The family of a young girl was saddened and broken after losing the happiness of their life. The reports showed that Reyna who is the mother of the toddler was tying Luz’s shoes and the 38-year-old driver had crushed the girl. Some tweets on Twitter show the complete facts related to this viral video. 

Did people raise their voices? 

As per online sources, many people raised their voices for justice for this young girl. The accident occurred in 2018 and after two years in 2020, when the strict penalties were not imposed, people demanded justice for this young girl. Soon after that, the court charged her with hit and run case as the video was enough to prove the guilt of this lady. This video can be found on Youtube and various other channels. 


Summing up this post, we have mentioned various valuable facts on the accident of Luz Gonzalez. Most of the news channels covered this update and this accident was one of the most deadly accidents in Brooklyn. 

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Luz Gonzalez Video Viral On Tiktok: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who was Luz Gonzalez?

Ans. As per online reports, Luz Gonzalez was a young girl of only 4 who was killed during a brutal accident. 

Q2. How did Luz Gonzalez die? 

Ans. As per online sources, Luz Gonzalez died after getting struck by an SUV car. 

Q3. Who else was injured during the accident? 

Ans. Online sources revealed that her mother tried to save her, but she was also injured during the accident. 

Q4. When did this accident happen? 

Ans. The accident occurred around five years ago on June 24, 2018. 

Q5. Is the video available on Telegram? 

Ans. You can find the video on several online sites. 

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