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{Trend Video} Luysibanak Video Original Leaked On Telegram: Find Details On en Español, Twitter Clip

What isthe original Luysibanak video leaked on Telegram? Why is this en Español footage trending? Is the Luisy Banak Twitter footage actual?

Why is the Luysibanak Video Original Leaked on Telegram trending? Who is Luisy Banak? What are the details about this viral video? What kind of content does the Luysi Banak video have? People from Worldwide are trying to understand the incident that happened in the video. Thus, we have decided to discuss it here. 

Luysibanak Video Original Leaked on Telegram

A video has recently gone viral on social media, which shows a mother mistreating her daughter. The video is a recording from a device, and it has shocked people around the world. The video started to spread on TikTok and then went viral on all social media platforms. The video has been tagged under the name of ‘LuysiBanak.’ 

It has been more than four months since this video is trending. People are still talking about this case. The identity of the woman beating her daughter and forcing her to do several things is leaked. The name and city of the mother is available on the internet. 

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Luysibanak Video Original en Español

The video is reported to be from Armenia. This woman resides in a city called Gavar. When the video started to spread, it eventually reached the police authorities of Gavar city. Police took immediate action against the mother, and the investigation is under process. Further updates related to the legal case against the mother are not available. 

Her name is Anna Areshatyan, and she is just 33 years old. A telegram group has disclosed the identity. This group is widespread and is called ‘Luysibanak.’ This is probably why the whole incident is famous with the same name.

Luysibanak Video Original en Español

Luisy Banak vídeo Twitter

The video has been trending on Twitter (now known as X) since October 2023. And it is trending even in December 2023. Netizens are even asking why Anna mistreated her daughter in the video. She even did the same with her other daughter as well. 

The case is under legal proceedings, and the court will convict Anna. The police authorities arrested the accused in August 2023 and assured everyone justice would be served. Any personal details about Anna are still unknown, such as her husband’s details, profession, past criminal record, and number of children she has. Luysibanak Video Original en Español has been trending for all the wrong reasons. 

What is Armenian Law About Such an Act?

Mistreatment of a child can lead to 14 to 25 years of imprisonment. The Armenian law is clear that harming children in any way will lead to strict punishment from the court. There are five types of mistreatment which can happen to a child, and the accused will be acquitted.

  • Emotional – A child can also experience emotional mistreatment at the hands of parents, such as Insult, humiliation, psychological pressure, isolation, and belittlement. 
  • Physical – Any type of harm to the children, such as beating, burning, shaking violently and many others. Luisy Banak vídeo Twitter is a case of physical mistreatment.
  • Intimate – It involves exploitation in any way, which consists of getting intimate or making physical contact with a person below the age of consent.  
  • Abandonment – Not fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of a parent as a caregiver. Such as leaving the child without any supervision or care, etc. 
  • Neglect – Not providing children with basic needs such as Clothes, food, education, medical care and shelter. It can be unintentional or intentional. 

Update on Anna’s Court Case

Anna’s state lawyer had refused to defend her in court, and the legal proceedings are underway. The court has sufficient evidence against her.


The Luysibanak Video Original Leaked on Telegram article provided details about an old case. It happened in August 2023 when a woman was arrested in Gavar City, Armenia, for mistreating her daughter. As per the leaked video, Anna (the accused) can be poorly seen treating her two daughters. The video started to spread violently, and people began to discuss the details. However, personal information other than her name, age, and city are unknown. If you wish to know more, click here.

Have you seen the trending Luysibanak video? Please comment on what you think about Anna. 

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