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Lunden Stallings LinkedIn: Where Is She From? Details On Parents, Net Worth, TIKTOK, And Twitter Account

We bring to know the latest information about Where Is Lunden Stallings Linkedin FromTIKTOKTwitter AccountParents, and Net Worth to know more about her.

Did you know that Lunden is the #4180 popular TikTok star from the United States? Did you know that Lunden got married to Olivia Bennett, who is the #3872 popular TikTok star? Just after they tied the knot on 30th/October/2023, Lunden’s past tweets were intentionally circulated! Let’s check about Lunden Stallings Linkedin.

Lunden Stallings Linkedin:

Lunden has 2,591 followers and 46+ posts on her LinkedIn pages.

Name Lunden Stallings
Age 26
Profession Enterprise Account Executive
Where Is Lunden Stallings From Atlanta Metropolitan Area

Roles Institute/Firms Year
Intern Medical Solutions May2017-Aug2017
Marketing Coordinator Nutrition Revolution Apr2018-Aug2018
Multimedia Reporter University of Central Arkansas Aug2015-May2019
Producer/Anchor University of Central Arkansas Aug2017-May2019
News Director University of Central Arkansas Jan2019-May2019
Intern KATV Jan2019-May2019
Strategic Inside Alignment Executive SHI International Corp Jul2020-Sep2020
Strategic Inside Account Executive SHI International Corp Sep2020-May2021
Enterprise Account Executive SHI International Corp May2021-Present

Lunden Stallings Net Worth

Details of Lunden net worth are undetermined.

Lunden’s Education:

Bachelor of Arts University of Central Arkansas
Broadcast Journalism
Sales Palo Alto Networks Aug-23
AWS Business Professiona Amazon Web Services (AWS) 2013-2017
Fortinet Network Security Expert Fortinet
Meraki Fit Sales Professional Cisco Meraki
Microsoft Licensing Solutions Specialist Microsoft
VMware Certified and VSP Foundation VMware

About Lunden Stallings Twitter Account:

Lunden’s Twitter account @lundenstallings was active until recently when her critics pulled out racist tweets posted by her between 2012 and 2014. The screenshots of at least five Twitter posts were circulated on Reddit and Twitter. The posts featured on 4th/October/2023 on @AdeptnessFluffy9621 pages and eventually got shared on @r/lundenandolivia Reddit pages.

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Sharing Lunden Stallings Twitter Account posts:

Similarly, @nekotayo’s Twitter account posted screenshots of three racist posts by Lunden. Lunden was on her honeymoon vacation with Olivia. She had to cut short her vacation to address the anger among her fans. On the Reddit pages, two screenshots were showing Lunden using the Nigger word repeatedly in her old tweets. 

Lunden Stallings TIKTOK posts:

The Reddit post attracted huge criticism. As a digital content creator on TikTok, Lunden has 150K+ followers, and Olivia has 600K+ followers. Additionally, the partnered TikTok account of the couple has 703K+ followers. The analysis of the Reddit screenshot suggests that it was also shared on TikTok.

Lunden Stallings TIKTOK apology:

As a social media influencer, it is obvious that Lunden does not want to build up a racist image. Hence, she uploaded an apology video on TikTok on 4th/October/2023. Lunden stated that she is not what she was a decade ago as a teen. 

@lundenstallings is Lunden Stallings Twitter Account, which was deactivated due to the havoc. She acknowledged her Tweets and stated that she felt ashamed. She felt embarrassed about how she used to speak and address others in her decade-old Tweets. She accepted that it was her fault. Michael Don Stallings(father), from Blytheville, Arkansas, and Ashley Gilbow(mother) are Lunden Stallings Parents

Several social media users still criticized her and made her tweets viral on TikTok, one of which was viewed by 1.5+ million users and questioned Where Is Lunden Stallings From?

Social media links:


Both Lunden and Olivia are popular on TikTok for posting LGBTQ+ content, showcasing lavish fashion and lifestyles, and couple videos. Some people are against LGBTQ+ and marriages between females. However, Lunden Stallings Parents agreement to the subject is undetermined. Amid such a social environment, Lunden’s resurfaced Tweets seem to be an act of revenge, which had already hurt her credibility.

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