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Luna Rush Token (Feb) How To Buy? Contract Address

This post discusses a play-to-earn blockchain gaming project known as Luna Rush Token.

Are you searching for crypto to invest in and get massive profits? In this post, we are discussing a play-to-earn blockchain project that has the potential to give you huge returns. Play-to-earn blockchain projects are gaining the attention of investors from the Philippines, Brazil and many other countries. Many investors regret not getting into the massive projects early. 

Still, this project allows you to be one of the early investors and get the most profits when it gains popularity. Let us discuss more Luna Rush Token further in this post. 

What is Luna Rush? 

As mentioned above, it is a play-to-earn blockchain gaming project in which you can earn tokens by simply playing the game. Also, on the official platform, it is mentioned that it is the biggest IDLE RPG game in the blockchain. 

It also has an NFT marketplace to buy and sell in-game stuff inside the game. It has different characters inside the game from which you can choose. Luna Rush Token is used on a multiplayer NFT RPG game that lets you engage with other players and engage in the combat arena. 

Founders of The Luna Rush

The officials have mentioned the team behind this project with their social profiles. Here are some of the names of the team members behind this project:

  • Thai NGO- CEO/founder.
  • Tai Ta- Blockchain tech lead. 
  • NHUT Tran- CMO. 
  • THANH TRAN – Technical Lead. 
  • CUONG TRAN – Artist Lead. 

If you want to know more about the team members, you can check out their social profiles and join the community for more details about the project. 

Price of Luna Rush Token Today

Currently, Luna Rush is trading at $0.55, and it is up by 1.21%in 24 hours. However, the token is very volatile, and you should do a bit of analysis if you want short-term profits. 

Statistics of Luna Rush

  • Ticker- LUS. 
  • Trading volume in 24 hours – $12,319,930.36.
  • Market Rank – #2875.
  • Contract address – 0xde301D6a2569aEfcFe271B9d98f318BAee1D30a4.
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap – $192, 500,283.06.
  • Max Supply – 35,00,00,000.
  • All-time high – $0.7217.
  • All-time low – $0.4245.

How to Buy Luna Rush Coin? 

No information is provided on the official platform to purchase this Luna Rush Token. So, if you are a beginner, you might face some difficulties purchasing this token. But if you are an investor for a while, then the token’s contract address might be enough for you to purchase it. 

Also, if you are looking to invest in this project for the long term, you should do detailed research by joining the community and knowing more about it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is the website of Luna Rush? 

A1. The website of Luna Rush is https://lunarush.io/

Q2. What is the contract address of Luna Rush Token? 

A2. The contract address of Luna Rush 0xb9843e5de0f37d1e22c8075e5814e13565fe7c22.

Q3. What is the best long-term cryptocurrency to invest in 2022? 

A3. Click here to learn about the best crypto to invest in 2022.

The Concluding Remarks

This post is not a promotion of this token or any other token. It is solely for educational and informative purposes and nothing else. However, if this project seems interesting, you should do detailed research and explore well, and know more about the Luna rush. To track the live price of this token, check out and visit here.

What do you think of this gaming project? Let us know your views about Luna Rush in the comments section below. Also, share this Luna Rush Token to inform others about this blockchain gaming project. 

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