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Luisa Espinoza Video Estudiantes Twitter: Is Espinoza Polit Telegram Grupo Noticias Present On Twitter, Reddit & TIKTOK? Read Here!

In this article, you will find about the viral Luisa Espinoza Video Estudiantes Twitter. Also, find the information about the video.

Have you seen the Luisa Espinoza students’ viral video? Why did police arrest Luisa Espinoza? What illegal activity led Luisa Espinoza behind bars? The famous Tik Tok superstars and only fans model Luisa Espinoza got in trouble when she included minors in her 18 + content.

Luisa Espinoza is popularly known Worldwide for her only fan video. She also promotes her 18 + videos on other social media accounts. Recently when people saw the video of her arrest, people became interested in watching the Luisa Espinoza Video Estudiantes Twitter.


Controversial report

Luisa Espinoza uploaded a video with a minor on social media. Initially, that video was recorded for only fans, but to promote her account and gain Fame, she uploaded it on different social media accounts, which also put her in trouble.

When people watch the video where she asked minors to touch her chest for that, they will receive a sweet. The Noticias (News) of child abuse content went viral on social media. 

When the authority came to know about the child abuse, they filed a case against Luisa Espinoza on 20 December 2022. After the whole thing got messy and a police case Luisa Espinoza took down the video with 40k views. 

Telegram Grupo

Despite the video being taken down from the social media account and only fans’ accounts. Many of her followers and fans downloaded the video from an offline source, which was later circulated in Telegram groups.

Another popular social media platform known for spreading viral content, TIKTOK, is also under authorities’ surveillance so that people cannot share the video further.

About Luisa Espinoza

Luisa Espinoza was born in Guayaquil Ecuador. She is a famous model with 5 million followers on Instagram. In one of her statements; she also mentions that she earns more than 10k per month from putting videos on only fans.

Reddit Report

People are trolling Luisa and making fun when authorities bring her down for a criminal offence. Netizens share memes and funny content, which are the consequences of promoting child-abusive content and working with only fans. People also talk about making more money from only friends despite working in an office.

Moreover, Polit Twitter accounts also shared pictures of her arrest. The prosecutor’s office and Ecuador police arrested her on 28 February 2023 Tuesday.

Social media link



Final Verdict!

Luisa Espinoza is under arrest for promoting offensive child content on social media. In December 2020, she uploaded a video demanding the minors touch her chest for her only fan account. People find this content offensive as she also promotes such videos on social media.

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Luisa Espinoza Video Estudiantes Twitter: FAQs

Q1 What is the age of Luisa Espinoza?

Luisa Espinoza is 28 year old

Q2 Is the Child abuse video still available on any Luisa Espinoza social media account?

No, the video was completely taken down from every social media, but recently that video has been available on her youtube account in pure form. 

Q3 What is the net worth of Luisa Espinoza?

The estimated net worth of Luisa Espinoza is approximately 5 million dollars.

Q4 When did Luisa Espinoza begin her career in the 18 + industry?

At 18, she could earn more money through only fans rather than walking at private companies.

Q5 What is the YouTube channel link of Luisa Espinoza?–um6Yw

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