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Luis Rubiales Jenni Hermoso Video Reddit On Telegram: Is It Viral On Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube & Twitter?

Luis Rubiales Jenni Hermoso Video Reddit On Telegram write-up has shared details and links on a recent controversy that has hit the Spanish Football Federation.

Did you know the controversy that surrounds Spain’s Women’s Soccer team? The Spain Women’s team has made their country proud by lifting the World Cup title on 20th August 2023 in Australia. The celebration is cut short by a viral video that is circulating Worldwide on various social media sites.

The Spain midfielder reacted to the video and stated that she didn’t like the act that was done by the team coach after the win. Luis Rubiales Jenni Hermoso Video Reddit On Telegram has shared details on this controversial topic.

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Rubiales and Hermoso Scandal Video:

Luis Rubiales is the head of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, while Jenni Hermoso is the star player of the Spain Women’s World Cup-winning team. The Spain team beat their opponent England by a 1-0 scoreline in Sydney on 20th August. The team went for a spontaneous celebration, and at the medal ceremony, Rubiales touched Hermoso on the lips.

The thing that was taken lightly was blown into big controversy after the indecent video went viral on social sites. The Spain Football women’s team has gone against the federation boss.

Jenni Hermoso Trending on Twitter:

The photos and small videos of Jenni’s celebration and Rubiales holding her are available on this platform. The keywords related to the Football scandal trending on this site are #Jenni, #Hermoso, #selection, and #Machismo. The Spanish Football Federation was facing charges for biased selection before the World Cup tournament.

The Fifteen players protested against the Federation, but they gave up the protest after three protestors were selected for the team. The celebration video and the reaction of the Spain Football Federation are also getting viral on this site. The coach indecent act has become controversial, and every minute, a new tweet appears on the site.

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YouTube Videos Show Rubiales Refuses to Quit:

A video is trending on this social site showing the Football Federation’s chief refusal to quit his chair. The Football controversy has taken another turn as women from across the globe are blaming Rubiales for indecent acts. Jenni Hermoso first reacted to the scandal by saying that she didn’t like the indecent act.

As public outrage grew against the indecent video, people wanted Rubiales to quit his post. The Federation chief hit out at his detractors and claimed that the act was consensual and that he would not quit the office. The consensual allegation has further angered Jenni Hermoso. 

Jenni Hermoso Responds on Instagram:

The Spain Midfielder has responded to the consensual allegation on various social sites. She explained her position in a post made on 25th August 2023 and outrightly rejected the consensual theory. Jenni further stated in her post that the Federation had asked her to deliver a joint or individual statement, but she declined.

The Federation wanted her to issue a statement in favor of the President to ease the pressure on him. She also called the President’s Explanation of the unfortunate incident false and part of the manipulative culture generated by him.  

Social Media Links:

Spanish player Jenni Hermoso after being forcefully kissed on the lips by Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales during the trophy presentation "Eh…yeah, I did not enjoy that."
by u/Sami1398 in soccer

Final verdict:

The Jenni Luis video has also gone Viral on TikTok as content creators have made all videos related to the Football scandal. The older clip shows the indecent act, while the later video shows the reaction of Rubiales and Jenni to the ongoing controversy. The Spanish Football team has refused to play international matches till Luis heads the Federation.

Should the Spain Football Federation President resign from his post? Please comment.

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