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Lucia Colacci Peterborough: Explore Her Death Details Along With Obituary Report!

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Did you know about the death of Lucia Colacci in Canada? Who was Lucia Colacci? What was her cause of death? When is her obituary? Why is the death of Lucia concerning? Does her death affect many people? What was the statement released by her office? What type of support is expected for the people affected? How can you reach a helpline to gain support? 

Let’s learn more about Lucia Colacci Peterborough.


Lucia’s Cause of Death:

It was a regular day for Lucia on 31st-October-2022 as she was traveling in her car. At 8:30 AM, her vehicle rolled over on Pigeon Lake Road near Downeyville. The accident was severe, and Lucia passed away due to severe injuries.

No other vehicle was involved in the accident. Kawartha Lakes OPP officers visited the site, and Lucia was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.


Lucia's Cause of Death

Lucia was a primary school teacher at St. John Paul II Catholic Elementary School. She used to teach 5th and 6th-grade students. 

Lucia Colacci Obituary Peterborough:

Her family is yet to announce the last rites of Lucia. A memorial fundraising page was launched on with a target to raise CAD 14,310.

Social Media Accounts Links: No Data.

Lucia’s Family:

Jeff Kitney was the husband of Lucia. She had two sons and a daughter – Natalia(7), Mateo(15), and Marco(12).

Is Lucia Married?

  • Yes, Lucia was married to Jeff Kitney.

Lucia Wiki

  • Full Name: Lucia Colacci
  • DoB: in 1971
  • Age: 51-years
  • DoD: 31st-October-2022
  • Husband: Jeff Kitney
  • Sons: Mateo and Marco
  • Daughter: Natalia
  • Sisters of  Lucia Colacci PeterboroughTwo sisters. Giuseppina Filice and Gilda Giordano
  • Brothers: Five Brothers. Franca, Carla, Rosina, Adelina, and Marjorie
  • Brother-in-law: Giuseppe Suriano
  • Nieces and nephews: 22.
  • Profession: Primary school teacher
  • Worked at: St. John Paul II Catholic Elementary School
  • Resident of: Peterborough

Lucia’s Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion

Lucia’s Ethnicity is unknown. Lucia was a citizen of Canada and a Christian.

Lucia’s Early life:

Lucia and her family moved to Canada when she was 14-years old.

Lucia’s Age, Date of Birth, and Date of Death:

Lucia was 51 years old. She was born in 1971. Lucia Colacci Peterborough passed away on 31st-October-2022.


Lucia’s death was shocking to the school staff and children. On the recommendation of the Catholic District School Board, principal – Michael DeMaeyer, released a condolence note which was expected to be shared with children at home safely and age-appropriately. Lucia was a good person who used to greet anyone who visited her house with love and acceptance.

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Lucia Colacci Peterborough – FAQ:

1Q. Who got affected by Lucia Colacci death?

It was anticipated that Lucia’s death may impact psychological wellbeing of primary school childrens.

2Q. What was the measures taken for wellbeing of childrens?

Catholic District School Board’s psychological health staff and social workers reached the school on Tuesday to provide additional support.

3Q. On which number Kids helpline can be reached?

Contact Kids Helpline at 1(800)668-6868.

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