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Lpnt Token Price In India (Aug) How To Buy? Chart, Price

Lpnt Token Price In India (Aug) How To Buy? Chart, Price >> The guide shares details about the new decentralized finance revolution project that creates news in the Indian market.

A new decentralized digital currency is launched into the Crypto world to address the traders’ standard financial issues and needs. It is called LPNT (Luxurious Pro Network Token Group). 

LPNT is the multi-utility decentralized Crypto token based on the ERC-20 Type Protocol of ETH Blockchain. It can be used for payments and other purposes. The project aims to add value and significance to the financial experiences of the user base and become the best token for investment in India and abroad.   

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What is LPNT Token?

Luxurious Pro Network Token Group or LPNT is the global leader in the niche of luxury transportation services and FOREX trading. It uses a native multi-utility token called LPNT Token, an ERC-20 Type decentralized digital currency on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The multi-utility decentralized digital currency is launched to add new values and importance to the financial experiences differently. Because of its increasing demand in the Crypto market, the Lpnt Token Price in India has registered a major climb.  

All registered users in India and abroad are leveraging the financial potential of the token. It is used in FOREX trading, vault, Crypto wallet, and decentralized payment gateway. It is also offering leverage of 200% to all holders. 

Who are the Founders of Lpnt Token?

After evaluating the official online site, we have found data about the team of the Lpnt Token. Mr. Satish Mostra is serving as the CMD, Mr. Rovinder Banger is serving as the Crypto and FOREX Trading Expert, Mr. Gurpreet Singh is the Global Administrator and Strategist, and Mr. Happy Shekh is the Global Corporate Head.

The Lpnt Token Price in India, Supply and Market Cap

  • We have evaluated the token on major exchanges, and based on the data available, the live price of LPNT in INR is 6372.80 INR. In USD, the live price is $85.87, with a hike of 46.6%.
  • The token has registered its maximum trading volume of $1 981 261 in the previous 24 hrs. There is a price hike of 51.5% in the last 24 hrs. 
  • Based on live market cap and Lpnt Token Price in India, the token is ranked at #2771. There is no live market cap data available. The fully diluted market cap is $ 7223 775 282.35.
  • There is no data available on the total circulating supply. However, the maximum supply available is 80 000 000 LPNT tokens.     

Steps to Buy LPNT Tokens

  • Sign-up with the reliable wallet and input the required funds
  • Link the wallet to the desired exchange
  • Transfer the funds and convert them to any supporting digital currency
  • Find the token using the contract address 0x6a4c76874e686a7d080d173987a35a9c48905583
  • Check the Lpnt Token Price in India
  • Enter the amount of tokens you need to buy
  • Swap the digital currency for LPNT Token

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Mention the Official URL of the LPNT Token?

A1. https://lpntoken.io/ is the official online site of LPNT Token.

Q2. Which Contract Address is Assigned for LPNT?

A2. Investors must use 0x6a4c76874e686a7d080d173987a35a9c48905583 as the contract address for LPNT.

Q3. What is the Live INR Value of LPNT?

A3. The INR value of LPNT at the time of writing is 6372.80 INR. 


Luxurious Pro Network Token Group is the advanced decentralized FinTech revolution based on ERC-20 protocol and ETH Blockchain. The token is quite popular in the Indian market, evident from the increasing Lpnt Token Price in India. Investors of the token must check the live price data of the token as it keeps fluctuating. Besides, it is also necessary to access the best apps to buy cryptocurrency in 2021 to avoid unnecessary online frauds. 

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