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Lovelace Crypto (Dec 2021) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

 Do you want to take part in Lovelace Crypto Airdrop? Then read the complete details from the below guide.

Crypto airdrops are wise marketing gimmicks that send free coins to users’ accounts to promote new coin awareness. Currently, the Lovelace airdrop is going on, which will end shortly. However, suppose you are curious to know the details like others in the United States, then stick to this post until the end. 

Lovelace is a new coin emerging into the crypto world that streamlines every NFT project. So let us jump to the Lovelace Crypto topic right away. 

About Lovelace Token

It is a first-ever Metaverse Service platform that provides necessary tools to NFT projects to generate and hand over the future GameFi solutions.

Lovelace solution support various platforms like Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and, Solana which will be built on Cardano. 

The Lovelace provides every tool required to create a metaverse, and the Lovelace stack will be a platform to find, create, fund, and trade NFTs across any games, blockchains, and metaverses. You can visit its official website for detailed information on Lovelace Crypto.

Lovelace Will Be Useful In The Following 

  • Customizable marketplace.
  • Design and creation of In-game currency.
  • Future NFT minting.
  • Development of platform.
  • Rewarding and staking programs.
  • Game Development

The Lovelace Tools are developed for all NFT projects who want to take Play to Earn to Cardano’s market.

Founder of Lovelace

The developer and founder name of the Lovelace coin is unknown; if we come across any information, we will update it here. However, 

Current Price of Lovelace

People in the United States are also curious to know the live price of the token, so we have researched from our end as well. Unfortunately, Lovelace’s live price is unknown since it is a new coin, and its airdrop is live. 

Lovelace Crypto Coin Supply / Market Supply

Below are the important statistics obtained about the Lovelace:

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 LACE
  • Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 LACE
  • Decimals: 9
  • Holders: 24
  • Max Supply: NO Data
  • Market Rank: No Data

Lovelace Airdrop Details

Lovelace Airdrop of USD 50k is live now; participate in IDO on ADAPAD and BSCPAD and ADAPAD before it ends and earn up to 500 LACE.

  • Project: Lovelace WorldLACE
  • Participated: 1,873,880
  • Number of Winners: 2,000
  • Total Airdrop Amount: 1M LACE
  • Ends in: 1 day left Nov 12, 2021

How to Buy Lovelace Crypto?

Detailed method to purchase Lovelace is not obtained as per our research; however, you can use the most trusted and widely used Pancakeswap V2 exchange platform to buy Lovelace tokens. 

Furthermore, you can visit coinmarketcap and search for an ongoing Lovelace Airdrop to participate in the event. As of now, approximately 1,873,880 people participated in the event. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the official website of Lovelace Coin?

A1. The official website of https://www.lovelace.world/.

Q2. Which is the current most used exchange platform to trade Lovelace Crypto?

A2. Suppose you wish to purchase or sell LACE; the current and most active exchange is PancakeSwap (v2).

Q3. Specify the smart contract address of Lovelace?

A3. 0x7a9DF3Ba4296755B792e75A0e7f5386A47a04B1F

Q4. Is it listed on Coinmarketcap?

A4. Yes, it is present on Coinmarketcap.  


Crypto Airdrops are a great opportunity to add free tokens to your wallet; if you are interested in such events, the ongoing Lovelace airdrop is a good opportunity. Airdrop will end in one day, so don’t waste time get complete details from this guide; participate in Lovelace Crypto Airdrop now. We have provided you with the details only. Please research well. 

Was our article helpful to you? What is your opinion on the new coin? Do share it with us in the comment box below. Also, read about the next big cryptocurrency here.  

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