Louvre Finance Coin (June) How To Buy, Price, Chart

Louvre Finance Coin (June) How To Buy?, Price, Chart

Louvre Finance Coin (June) How To Buy?, Price, Chart >> The guide shares details about the new Crypto Coin that is launched to disrupt the NFT industry.

A new deflationary crypto token has been launched to challenge the NFT industry. It is called as Louvre Coin. It is the DeFi token launched to disrupt the NFT industry with its higher volatility rates and prices. 

The developers have created a new NFT ecosystem within the marketplace and exchanging the coins for all NFT based projects. It is the only approved Cryptocurrency that is allowed for exchange and trading in the closed ecosystem of the platform.

Holders in Brazil are attracted to Louvre Finance Coin and holding it in their trusted wallets to receive rewards.  

What is Louvre Coin?

Louvre Token is the new DeFi token launched to challenge the existing NFT ecosystem by creating its marketplace for trading and profiting the holders for supporting the platform. It is quite popular amongst the holders in Brazil.

It is here to disrupt the NFT industry with its innovative trading platform where exchanges and trading are allowed for all NFT based projects. It is the BEP-20 token available for exchanges with the ticker symbol “LOUVRE.”

Louvre Finance Coin ensures to redistribute 5% of each transaction to all the holders, while another 5% of the transaction goes for burning, making supply scarcer. Since 5% of each transaction is secured as liquidity on BNB Pool, it helps in creating an ever-increasing price floor for the newly launched coin. 

Who Founded Louvre Coin?

After evaluation, we have not found the name of the CEO or owner who launched the token. However, the company behind the token is Louvre Finance which is equipped with interactive team members transparent to the holders.

Louvre Coin has over 17000 holders worldwide because of the transparent policy and support from the token community.      

Louvre Finance Coin – Market Price Analysis

After evaluation and analysis, we have come forth with the deep market price analysis of the coin. The live market price of the token is $0.00000003, and it has recorded a maximum trading volume of $5 115 117 in the last 24 hrs. 

The token has experienced an upward trend in the price of 68.7% in the last 24 hours, indicating that the token has a bright future.  

Regarding the market cap, the coin is valued highly with the market capitalization of $14 059 966, and it includes the locked LP and excluded the burnt coins. The maximum supply of Louvre Finance Coin is one quadrillion.   

How to Buy Louvre Coin?

  • Buyers are required to download Trust Wallet on your device 
  • Load the wallet with sufficient BSC or BNB to exchange it for LOUVRE
  • Launch the DApps and select the PanCakeSwap option
  • The exchange will allow you to exchange BNB or BSC for De-Fi coins
  • Copy the contract address (0x24905b248dceeb17b221a48efa0d0388b3b38fe4) and paste on the exchange
  • Choose the currency and set slippage of 12%, and you are done  


Q1. What is the Slippage for Louvre Finance Coin?

A1. 12% is the set slippage for the coin.

Q2. What is the Official Link?

A2. The official link to visit the website is https://louvrefinance.com/

Q3. Which Exchange Offer the Coin?

A3. PanCakeSwap is the best exchange to buy LOUVRE Coin


Investors and buyers who want to invest and profit from Crypto token must try to LOUVRE Coin. However, it can only be traded on an exclusive closed NFT ecosystem designed by the community. 

However, the community is quite transparent and shares the profits to every holder for supporting the platform.

Do you hold Louvre Finance Coin? How much profit have you earned from the token? Please share your opinion about the Louvre Coin in the comment section. Also, please click here to know about the best apps for trading in Crypto in 2021. 


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