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Louisville Shooting Video Reddit: Is The Bank Footage Tape Getting Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram & Telegram? Find Youtube & Twitter Links Here!

This article provides information about the Louisville Shooting Video Reddit and tells the readers about the attack.

Are you looking for facts related to the latest shooting incident in Kentucky? An incident happened in a Louisville bank where an ex-employee started shooting people. Therefore, readers from the United States and Canada want more information about the incident.

If you are looking for the same and want to know the truth behind Louisville Shooting Video Reddit, check out the article.


What happened in the Louisville bank?

An ex-employee of the bank, Connor Sturgeon, carried an AR15 and started shooting people. Connor streamed the whole incident on his Instagram live. Many people were injured in the massacre, and a few lost their lives. 

Among the deceased people, one guy was close to Kentucky’s governor. The incident shocked everyone to the core, and that’s why people want to know the next action of the police department regarding the incident. 

Bank Shooting Louisville Video

Connor planned the whole thing and streamed it live on his social media account. However, the video of the shooting inside the bank is not available, but the police movement and tension are seen in the video presentation on the Reddit platform.

In the video, police are trying to control and diffuse the scene. The video is Viral On Reddit and other platforms as well. 

Who is the gunman?

The police identified the gunman as Connor Sturgeon, who joined the bank in the summer of 2021 after a few internships. The reason behind the attack on the bank is unknown, but it is believed that it happened because he was fired recently.

The incident is trending everywhere, and people on TikTok and other social media platforms are posting videos regarding the incident. 

Did the police take down the gunman?

In a recent interview, police officers cleared that the attacker Connor was down and killed by the police officer. Officer Nickolas Wilt, who recently joined the force, shot down the culprit. The images of the culprit are circulating on the internet, like Twitter, and the mayor of Louisville said it is an evil act of violence.

What are the conditions of the injured people?

People who were injured in the massacre were taken to the nearby hospital. Connor shot down 13 people, including two police officers as well. Six people are in the hospital, of which 3 are in critical condition. 

Unfortunately, the footage of the shooting inside the bank is not available. Police want to ensure that no one sees the extremely violent act and gets influenced by it. Connor killed 5 people in the shooting who are old age people including the governor’s friend. 

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Final Thoughts 

The massacre in the Louisville bank is heartbreaking for everyone. Everyone on Telegram and other platforms pray for the speedy recovery of injured people.

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Louisville Shooting Video Reddit– FAQs

1: What is the age of Connor Sturgeon?

A: He was 23 years old.

2: What was Connor’s Twitter handle username?

A: @csturg41. 

3: Who is the mayor of Louisville?

A: Mayor Craig Greenberg. 

4: What are the names of the people who died in the attack?

A: The names of the deceased people are Joshua Barrick, Thomas Elliot, Juliana Farmer, James Tutt, and Deana Eckert. 

5: Is the bank attack video available on YouTube?

A: The video of the attack is not available on any social media platforms.

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