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Lost Ark Island Token (Feb) What Is It & How To Get?

In this post, we will briefly discuss the Lost Ark game and know what Lost Ark Island Token is.

Do you know about the island token in the Lost Ark game and how to get it? If not, then this post is for you. This post discusses the Lost Ark game and the Island token.

The token is an in-game reward that gives you certain things when you achieve them. Lost Ark is a very famous game, and gamers enjoy playing this game Worldwide. The game is considered one of the top online role-playing games.

Let us briefly discuss Lost Ark Island Token and the Lost Ark Game.

Introducing The Lost Ark

Lost Ark, with an immersive 2.5D fantasy setting, is a multiplayer online combat role-playing game. A game production segment of Smilegate, and Tripod Studio, Smile gate RPG coordinated and collaborated to develop this game.

On 4th December, 2019, it was released officially throughout the South Korean Part. Lost Ark features 15 playable classes — nine advanced sub-classes and six main classes — exploring the Arkesia land, defeating demonic hordes with style and flourish. In Lost Ark, you can use heavy artillery or can reach out to become a monster-shredding musician.

What is Lost Ark Island Token?

Island Token is one of the many ways Lost Ark offers to buff the abilities and level up your character. The tokens are available on different types, and different tokens have different abilities and difficulties of acquiring.

There are 20 Island tokens that a player can collect by completing certain tasks. All the tokens are spread all over the map, so a player needs to locate them before beginning the token tasks.

Island tokens and similar items can be gained through relatively simple actions requiring at least an item to complete. For example, the simplest method to get Lost Ark Island Token requires only 250 item levels, while the most difficult demand 900 item levels.

How To Get Island Token in Lost Ark?

Getting this token is quite easy, but completing the task in the process can vary on difficulty. Here are some ways to get this Island token in the game:

  • Trade regularly and get familiar with NPC of the island. 
  • Obtain the heart by defeating the island’s boss and trading the heart on nearby NPC.
  • Complete daily quests of the island in the game to get Lost Ark Island Token.

You can get these tokens easily if you are a regular player because you have to complete certain easy tasks to get the island token. 


If you are a regular player of this token and enjoy collecting stuff, you should collect Island tokens in the game. The process of collecting the tokens might be exciting for you. Visit here to learn more about the Lost Ark game.

Have you already collected some of the Island tokens? Tell us about your experience collecting the tokens in the comment section below. Also, do share this Lost Ark Island Token post to inform others.

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