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Lost Ark Ignea Token (Mar 2022) Read How To Get It?

This article shares information to the interested players about the Lost Ark Ignea Token and tells you about the different rewards and milestones in the game.

Are you one of the Lost Ark game fans looking to collect the fantastic and essential collectible items in the game? Do you want to know how you can find these tokens and their uses in the game?

Through this article, you will learn about the Lost Ark Ignea Token and how people from different countries like the United States, Canada, and Germany can collect it in the game.

What is Ignea Token?

Ignea tokens are the reward tokens of the Lost Ark game that you can achieve after completing 100% adventure tome in each region of Lost Ark. With the help of the Ignea token, you can be able to get access to the characters’ specific power.

If you want to maximize your character’s power, you require at least 15 Ignea tokens that are available in the game.

How to get Lost Ark Ignea Token in the game?

There are some ignea tokens that you can find in the lost arks which will help you upgrade your character. However, finding them is a trick and time-consuming, so let’s see the places where you can find them.

  • Symbol of Ignea: Rethramis- when you complete 100% adventure log of Rethramis
  • Symbol of Ignea: Yulia- after completing 100% adventure log of Yudia
  • Symbol of Ignea: Luteran- by completing 100% adventure log of western Luteran
  • Symbol of Ignea: Eastern Luteran- 100% adventure log completion of eastern Luteran

There are other Lost Ark Ignea Token that you can find by completing their journeys and adventure logs. You can take help from the youtube videos and guide of the Lost Ark.

What are the rewards of the Ignea token?

Rather than upgrading your characters, you can be able to get the reward from the Ignea token like:

  • Mount: White scarab
  • Mokoko’s Skillet
  • Luminous Energy
  • Superior Vitality Increase Potion
  • Purify
  • Zinnervale Card
  • Superior Stat Iincrease Potion
  • Greater Skill Point potion
  • Bifrost key
  • Delain Armen Card
  • Title ‘Arkesia Pilgrim’
  • Object: Monument to the seekers
  • Mount: Golden Terpeion
  • Background: Kandaria
  • Purify

Important Ignea Token Milestone

Some Lost Ark Ignea Token rewards are helpful for the players to improve their characters and as an investment like:

  • Mokoko’s Skillet can be used to get the Argon Island token simply.
  • The purify helps protect the character against the guardian’s attack like Flame Fox, Yoho’s burn and others.
  • The more significant skill point portion is the best and most important reward in the Lost Ark.
  • The bifrost key is used to teleport the character from one place to another.
  • With the help of Delain Armen Card, you can contribute towards the combo set that gives you extra 7% critical points.

Wrapping it up

With the Lost Ark Ignea Token information, we can say that Ignea tokens are an essential part of the game, and getting them is difficult. However, the player who can get these tokens will be able to upgrade their characters and earn the rewards simultaneously.

What are your opinions on the Ignea token? Share us in the comment section below.

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