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Looksrare Token (Jan 2022) How To Buy?, Contract Address

Do you also want to get more details about Looksrare Token? This writing will get all the details related to crypto.

Do you also come across different news related to cryptocurrencies? Do you also hear about different benefits of the coin, but are unable to trade in the coin due to its different technicalities and way of trading? Then we are here in this writing to tell you every small detail about the Looksrare crypto popular in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Let us understand the future prediction price chart and other important details related to the Looksrare Token in detail.

What is the Looksrare Crypto?

This is a token powering Looksrare project. This community is focused on NFTs marketplace that actively rewards traders and creates participation. The goal behind the project is to bring innovation, smart contract design, royal payouts, security, scalability, speed, and ground-up facilities from the platform to all the traders, investors, and all those who are willing to operate in trading. 

This crypto coin is available on CoinW, Coinbase, Boo, bigOne, AXE, and many.

The circulating supply of the crypto coin is not available, and the maximum supply of 200,000,000 Looksrare Token.

Founders and Team Behind The Coin

Founders of the crypto coin details are not available on the official website and not on any other website, and we will need to wait more time to know better about the coin founders. However, some of the team members are mentioned as below:

  • Slug – Designer
  • Arya – Community and Marketing

You may visit the official website to look at more details.

Price Details

The coin price also changes with time, and you need to focus on it. Today the price of the coin is $2.76, which is high than the original market price but also fluctuating.

Statistical Chart

The specific details mentioned in this price chart will provide you with all the keen details about the Looksrare Token:

  • Trading volume- $305,898,566.60
  • Trading volume percentage- 13.91%
  • Fully diluted market cap- $515,811,957.01
  • Fully diluted market cap percentage- 3.72%
  • Market rank- #2823
  • Market cap-N|A

These statistics are always changing with the time in the market; keep watch on the statistics and price of the coin.

How and Where To Buy It?

If the price statistics of the crypto coin also fascinate you, then you can buy the coin from different official exchanges as Looksrare Token is available on all the official exchanges to trade and buy.

  • To get the coin from Binance, you can directly make an account, link your hardware wallet to the exchange, and finally trade in the coin.
  • If you do not have an account, you can first create an account to purchase an official coin to exchange it with this coin later.
  • You can buy the coin from Binance both ways.
  • At last, you will need to store the purchased coin in the hardware wallet that you linked to Binance and start trading in the coin freely.

Questions Related To The Looksrare Token

Q1. What is the 24h high and low trading volume of the coin?

A1. The 24 high and 24h low trading volume is $1.97 and $3.35.

Q2. What is the official contract address of looks are?

A2. The official contract address is 0xf4d2888d29d722226fafa5d9b24f9164c092421e

Q3. What is the website link of the coin?

A3. The website link is https://looksrare.org/.

Wrapping It All 

As we have seen all the details about the coin, we conclude that the coin price fluctuates in the day; you will need to analyze and research well from your side and then invest. Learn more about this crypto here

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