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Longing For A Magical Girl Ver: More Read About Raw, Pixiv In This Blog!

Are you Longing for a Magical Girl Ver premier? This article will unveil more about the episode, and the Raw Pixiv illustration details here.

Are you searching for the latest premier episode of the Magical Girl anime series? Who are the main characters in the Magical Girl anime series? Where can you get the latest details on the Magical Girl anime series?

We will share all the information regarding the trending anime series of Japan. This article on Longing for a Magical Girl Ver will unveil some exciting findings on the recently launched episodes of the series. 

Therefore, start reading the article now.

Why are people Longing for a Magical Girl Ver premier?

Akihiro Ononaka’s animated adaptation series has created massive anticipation amongst anime fans. People can’t stop discussing the Gushing Over Magical Girls series, especially after its recent premier launch. The sneak peek into the premiere episode made fans even more excited for the upcoming episodes. 

Why are people Longing for a Magical Girl Ver premier

What does the Magical Girl Preview show?

The preview provides an introduction to certain characters in the series. This preview was first shared through their official site. If you are Longing for a Magical Girl Raw episode then watch it on their official website. The preview introduces us to the character Utena, dubbed by Fuka Izumi. This character gives life to the whole series. 

What does the Magical Girl Preview show

When is the scheduled date for the Magical Girl preview release?

The makers have already released the premiere episode of Gushing Over Magical Girl. The first episode went on air on 3rd January 2024 sharp at 11:30 p.m. The original Japanese version premiere was broadcast through channels like Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, AT-X, and Tokyo MX. 

Fans who are Longing for a Magical Girl Pixivtoo, will find the relevant details in the next section. Well, the TV versions were broadcast with partially censored content. However, the actual content on their official website came to the audiences without being censored. The hype over the first premiere episode of Magical Girls makes it clear that fans loved it.

Core Cast of Gushing Over Magical Girls

Magical Girl’s core cast features some talented personalities like:-

  • Fuka Izumi- As Utena Hiiragi or Magia Baiser.
  • Kaori Maeda- As- Haruka Hanabishi or Magia Magenta.

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Longing for a Magical Girl Raw Version Episode?

Interested fans can look at the original raw version of Magical Girl on their official website. Thus, fans can expect to get the censored version of the Magna series on various social media platforms. Also, the TV channels promoted only the censored audio & visuals through it. Those who are craving for the unfiltered versions of this Gushing Over Magical Girl series can look for it on Blu-ray Disc & DVD. Fans can get the edition entirely free of charge.

Longing for a Magical Girl Pixiv

Fans are sharing various illustrations of Magical Girl on Pixiv, especially after the release of the previous episode. People who are unaware of Pixiv. It’s a Japanese online platform for artists. All the interested artists can share their artwork through the platforms. 

This platform mainly shares anime illustrations. Thus, fans or artist share their version of an anime character through this platform. This platform got first preference in a beta test on 10th September 2007.

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We suppose you are still Longing For A Magical Girl Ver episodes then it get through the suggested platforms. Evidently, fans are going wild with the recent Magical Girl premium episodes. To fetch more details on the Gushing Over Magical Girls, watch the attached video.

Have you watched the recent Magical Girl premier video? Please share your thoughts on the latest episode below.

Disclaimer: This article will share details for the recent Magical Girls episode premium. We haven’t advertised any anime series through the blog.

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