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{Full Watch} Lizzy Jay Leaked Video: Is She Married? Details On Omo Ibadan, Husband

Read about Lizzy Jay Leaked Video, and check out the Tape of this Nigerian celebrity, Married life with her Husband, and Omo Ibadan prayers for her followers.

Are you looking for the leaked video of Lizzi Jay? What is there in her leaked Tape? Why are people talking about the actress and comedian Lizzi Jay from Nigeria? Let’s explore the complete details of the matter through Lizzy Jay Leaked Video post.

What is the recent news about Lizzy Jay?

Adeyela Adebola, who is also known as Lizzy Jay, took her social media account to express her concern about the ongoing talk about her. She has begged her followers to keep her in their prayers while revealing recent circumstances. On Friday, September 15, actress and comedian Lizzy Jay Omo Ibadan said her private video ended up in the wrong hands. She wrote how it received into the hands of the wrong person, and now she is getting a threat of leaking it online publicly.

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What is there in a leaked video of Lizzy Jay?

According to Lizzy, she was on certain medication due to which she was dealing with rashes all over her body and recorded a Snapchat of it. Talking about Lizzy Jay Leaked Video, she explained the recorded Snapchat also has images of private parts. Lizzy shared those videos and screenshots with her doctor as she was unable to visit him at the clinic. The doctor with whom she shared the video is her friend. Lizzy said she deleted the footage instantly and took a screenshot of those affected areas.

How did Lizzy Jay Leaked Tape news spread online?

According to the news, Lizzy reported that someone hacked her email and got access to her Snapchat account. Lizzy Jay said she had been getting threatening calls for a few days. The blackmailer claimed they had her explicit images that they gained access to through Snapchat. Moreover, she also made a statement about filing an official police complaint and giving them every detail of it.

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Who is Lizzy Jay Omo Ibadan?

Lizzy, who is popularly known as Omo Ibadan, was born on September 18, 1996, in Osun State, Nigeria. She is a comedian, actress, singer, and brand influencer and is renowned for her work in the entertainment industry. Her academic background is in Federal Polytechnic Ede, where she earned a degree in Microbiology, expanding her knowledge and talents.

Is Lizzy Jay Married? A popular query after the video of her spread in the news, and we have covered it in the next section.

Lizzy’s professional career began as a comedian in 2017. People liked the way she kept them engaged and the wide content she shared on social media platforms. However, in 2019, she got a turning point when she began her career in acting. Some of the popular films where she worked are Blood of Enogie, Bread Life, Mimi, Omo Ibadan Cosin Senta, etc.

Is Lizzy Jay Married?

Lizzy Jay recently got married in February 2023. She ties the knot with Nigerian comedian Adeyemo Adelere Oluwafemi, better known by the stage name Baba Alariya. The couple marked the special occasion by posting images from their wedding photoshoot on social media. Their act of kindness enabled their supporters and family to join them in celebrating their love and lifetime commitment. Lizzy Jay Husband also shared a photo of them in a traditional outfit, leaving their followers in confusion.

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Lizzy Jay Leaked Tape is the reason why many people are curiously looking for her. She is a Nigerian celebrity and usually be in the news due to her work and comedy videos. Lizzy opened up about her video and posted on Instagram how it happened. You can watch Lizzy Jay talking about her video that spread online.

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