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[Updated Now] Liver King Response: Explore His Reddit Page, Wiki, Net Worth, Wife, Instagram, and Age Details!

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It is said that social media influencers’ lives are different in their videos compared to their actual lifestyle. The health supplement brand founded by Brian has more than 148K followers on Instagram, and 15K+ users viewed his promotional video on Instagram. An email by Liver King (actual name is Brian Johnson), triggered a series of discussions on his well-built physique in Australia, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Let’s check the Liver King Response.


What triggered the controversy?

Liver King is a fitness freak, a YouTuber, and the founder of the Ancestral supplements brand. He gained popularity because, till recently, he claimed that his healthy physique was all natural. His videos on Instagram and YouTube showed that he only eats raw meat. After becoming a social media superstar with more than two million, including on Instagram, he offered nine non-vegetarian Ancestral supplements ranging between $25 to $65. He did not respond to the use of the steroid. Instead, he thanked for the recent events on this topic and said he designs and teaches Ancestral Living.

Liver King promoted himself and his brand by showcasing that the modern world has made us soft, we need to push our limits physically to unleash our true potential, and our strength is already in our DNA.

However, Liver King (Age 45) emailed a confidential message to fitness coach Derek on 29th-June-2021 for health advice. In the email, Brian mentioned that he uses insulin and steroids, including IGF-1LR, CJC w/ Imap, Ibutamoren, Omnitrope, Test cyp 0.6cc, Decca 0.6cc, and Winstrol.

Derek leaked the email on 29th-November-2022, and Brian’s fans were disappointed as they used to believe that Liver King achieved a good physique naturally. The leaked email went viral on Reddit and Instagram with many comments, criticism, and blogging.

Liver King Wikipedia:


Liver King Wikipedia

Real name Brian Johnson
Nick name Liver King
Ethnicity Mixed
DoB 07-Apr-77
Age 45 years
Nationality American
Birth place USA
Residence Austin, TX
Religion Christanity
University Texas Tech University
Qualification Graduate
Sun Sign Aries
Wife Barbara Johnson
Sons Rad and Stryker
Hight 5′ 7″
Weight 84 Kg
Shoe size 8US
Eye color Brown
Hair color Wiki Brown

Brian on social media:





Official Website

Liver King wanted to reach 1 billion followers in a short time! It is now a controversy as to why he lied to his fans and followers about natural health without steroids. Did Liver King fake his natural health to promote the Ancestral supplements brand? Whether he pretend because he wanted to be popular on social media? We leave it to your discretion.

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Liver King Response – FAQ

1Q. What is Liver King’s Response to the use of steroids?

He did not respond to the use of the steroid. Instead, he thanked for the recent events on this topic and said he designs and teaches Ancestral Living.

2Q. How much does Brian spends on his health?

He spends between $11K to $15K per month.

3Q. Who is the Wife of Liver King?

Barbara Johnson is the wife of Liver King.

4Q. What is included in Liver King’s diet?

His diet included eating uncooked raw liver, brain, and testicles with some seasoning, salt, and pepper.

5Q. What did the videos of Liver King on social media show?

Brian motivated his fans by doing extensive physical activities and pushing his limits.

6Q. How much is the Net Worth of Liver King?

His estimated net worth is three million.

7Q. What were the reactions on social media to the leaked email?

His fans used to believe that they could achieve good health even after the age of 40 years, naturally and by eating raw meat. But they were disappointed and freaked.

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