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Linkpop Facebook Scam: Is It Legit Or Not, Check!

The article will provide information about the Linkpop Facebook Scam and find out whether it is Legit or fake.

Have you heard of the Linkpop Scam? People from the United States continuously talk about the Linkpop scam that lures users into receiving money for sharing or liking posts. The scammers have devised a new method to trap the users and steal their private information. 

In this article, we will discuss the Linkpop Facebook Scam and how it has affected the users on the platform. 

Details of Linkpop Facebook Scam

Details of Linkpop Facebook Scam

The Linkpop scam is a new method by scammers trying to steal the private and financial information of Facebook users. In the latest scam, the users raise money if they share or like the posts provided. The offer is a complete trap, and it is a malware attack on all the personal details provided on the platform; hence, it is very important to know the details about Linkpop and its safe use. 

About Linkpop

Linkpop is an online application that sells products online with a link provided. The app is specifically curated for small and large businesses, allowing users to add products online and earn money from their sales. 

About Linkpop

The users can easily customize without paying extra money and look at the recent analytics and product sales and their recent development and business growth. The app is a boon to small-scale industries that helps them sell their products without any prior investment. 

Specifications to know Is Linkpop Legit 

Specifications to know Is Linkpop Legit

  • The Linkpop website was created on 5 November 1999.
  • The trust score of the website is 100%.
  • The website has a valid HTTPS connection.
  • The URL of the website is
  • Any Blacklist engines do not detect the website.
  • We have not encountered any threat profile, malware score, or spam score on the website.


  • The website is an advantage for both small-scale and large-scale businesses. 
  • It helps businesses reach their target without any prior investment or incurring costs.
  • The Linkpop app is safe, but proper caution must be maintained while sharing links. 


  • The recent Linkpop Facebook Scam has made people skeptical of using the platform. Hence, people should verify the authenticity of any links before selling their products.
  • We have not come across any disadvantages related to the Linkpop website.

Is Linkpop Legit?

Is Linkpop Legit

Linkpop is a 100% legitimate website. It is a boon for small businesses aiming to reach their customers and flourish in their businesses. However, the recent concern related to the Facebook scam has made people doubtful about using the website. The users must take proper caution before selling their products through any links on Linkpop.

Customer Reviews

People who have used Linkpop to sell their products or earn returns have given positive reviews for the app. Some people have provided mixed reviews about the platform and raised privacy concerns as it collects information and provides it to other businesses. However, others have also reported how the platform has helped them sell the products without any hassle. 

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The Linkpop website is not a scam and is completely authentic. However, people must maintain caution because of the recent Linkpop Facebook scam, which has attracted scammers to collect the users’ details in a similar method to that used by the Linkpop website. Please check out the link to learn more about various Facebook Scams.

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