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Lindsey Gleiche LinkedIn: What Lindsey Gleiche Huntington Beach News is Updated? Check Here!

In this article, we will provide information about Lindsey Gleiche LinkedIn profile and the facts behind people searching for her.

Are you searching for the LinkedIn profile of Lindsey Gleiche? Who is Lindsey Gleiche? Why are people interested in her social media profile and personal information? The recent fatal air crash of Jet Cessna 500 terrified the people of the United States. The private Jet was carrying five passengers, all professional business models, and a pilot who accidentally crashed the plane. 

When people heard about the accident, everyone started searching for the victims of the crash. However, a name of a lady came forward, Lindsey Gleiche, who was traveling on the flight. As a result, people are searching for Lindsey Gleiche LinkedIn.


What does Lindsey’s LinkedIn profile say? 

When people searched for Lindsey’s profile on LinkedIn, they found out that she is a UX AEM content author at Dollar General. They can also check out the portfolio and the other details of the victim who died in the crash. Initially, some people said that Lindsey’s profile people were looking at on LinkedIn was someone else.  

However, the officials clarified that Lindsey Gleiche, a professional graphic designer from Huntington Beach, California, was a victim of an air crash. Along with Lindsey, four businesspersons were available on the flight, and a pilot who missed judgment of the weather caused a terrible accident. 

Lindsey Gleiche Huntington Beach 

Earlier, the identity of the passengers traveling on the private Jet was not available on social media. When information came that all the changes were traveling in the flight, it belonged to a professional business background. People started searching for the LinkedIn profile of all the victims. As a result, they came across Lindsey Gleiche.

Some reporters discovered that the girl who died on the flight was not the same person whose LinkedIn profile is visible as a graphic artist. Nevertheless, the authorities confirm that the person who died on the flight, Lindsey Gleiche, belongs to Huntington Beach, California, US.

Name of People Who Died In Crash

Besides Lindsey Gleiche Huntington Beach, several others died in the plane crash. The name of the victims are:

  • Riese Lenders, 25 years old from Rancho Palos Verdes.
  • Manuel Vargas Regalado, 32 years old from Temecula
  • Abigail Ellis Vargas, 30-year-old from Murrieta.
  • Ibrahim Razick, 46-year-old from Temecula.
  • Alma Razick, 51 years old, from Temecula.

All of these passengers and flight attendants died in the severe plane crash. According to the official, the crash was reported at 4:15 PM, and the flight was having a second attempt to land on the runway. The passengers of the flight were heading towards French Valley Airport, But unfortunately, due to the unclear weather, the plane crashed.

What is the cause of the crash? 

Lindsey Gleiche LinkedIn death mystery is unsolved. People are searching for the cause of the crash, but as per the authorities and aviation team, the pilot couldn’t make it due to the unclear weather. However, he tried to land the plane on the runway, but the report of the cloudy atmosphere was not appropriate on time.

According to sources, the pilot got the information 20 minutes after the crash that there would be low clouds. Additionally, the airport didn’t have a light pole through which the pilot could detect the runway. As a result, due to the misjudgement and for unknown reasons, the flight collapsed and clashed with flames. 

Public Reaction to Lindsey Gleiche Huntington Beach

The People are surprised and terrified by the constant crash of the 2 flights within a week. People are questioning who was responsible for the spontaneous air crashes. Earlier, a small plane Cessna 172, also crashed with three children on 4 July 2023.

When people reported the company’s owner, he disagreed with the statements about their services and flights. He told the media that, at present, their consent should be about the people who lost their lives and the children who lost their loved ones. He mentions that all of his pilots are professionally trained and highly skilled, so he has no answer for the cause of the crash. 

Lindsey Gleiche LinkedIn Wiki Details

Full Name  Lindsey Gleiche 
Age 31 years old
Profession Graphic Artist
Date of Death 8 July 2023
Husband Riese Lenders

Social Media Link




Final Verdict! 

Six People died in a shocking plane crash after a fatal Jet crash four days prior. People came to find out who the accident victims were, and they came across a popular name Lindsey Gleiche. As a result, everyone started searching for the victim’s LinkedIn profile and other social media links to get more information.

Do you think the pilot is this possible for the crash? Comment below.

Lindsey Gleiche LinkedIn: FAQs

Q1 What was Lindsey Gleiche doing in the Jet? 

She was traveling with her husband, Riese Lenders. 

Q2 Does Lindsey Gleiche have children? 

There’s no clear information about that.

Q3 Did the flight crash with any other object in the air?

There are multiple rumors that the flight collided with bird or object in the air, but there is no clear confirmation.

Q4 Was the pilot of Jet drunk? 

There is no confirmation about whether the pilot was drunk, but as per the flight security test, he was clear before attending the flight.

Q5 From where did the flight depart for French Valley Airport?

The flight departed from Harry Reid international airport in Las Vegas. 

Q6 Is Lindsey Gleiche Huntington Beach LinkedIn profile legit? 

Yes, her LinkedIn profile is legit. 

Q7 Who is the owner of Cessna flights? 

Michael Morris owns Prestige Worldwide Flights, LLC.

Q8 Can we check the crash footage on social media?

No, the crash photos are unavailable on social media, but you can see the after-crash pictures on different news channels.

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