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[Full Video Link]Limpopo Police Video Twitter: How The Tape Went Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube & Telegram Networks? Find Facts Here!

The Limpopo Police Video Twitter article will provide the readers with relevant details on the leaked footage so read till the end.

Have you watched the leaked video of the Limpopo police constable? Why are people talking about viral police women videos? What does the leaked video contain? What action did the police department of South Africa take after watching the video? Do you know the women in the video?

To get all the answers regarding the police constable video, read the article until the finish.

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Disclaimer– We will provide only informative content through the write-up, which details the viral police constable’s video, and this article doesn’t promote any vulgar or explicit language & content.

What does the Limpopo Police video contain?

An explicit content video is recently going viral on social media platforms. The video shows a policewoman performing some grown-up acts with her 12-year-old son. The video links circulated on Instagram and other online sites as well. 

A media page covered the incident and shared a post on Twitter stating the brief of the incident on their post.

The sources claim that the young boy is between 10- 12 years old. Our team has provided the social media links below.

Why is the Limpopo video Viral On Reddit?

As soon as the video leaked on the internet platform, it created a huge buzz, especially over social media sites. The Limpopo police constable video became the talk of the town overnight as the leaked footage contains a shocking incident. In the video, the mother forces her son to do explicit and grown-up acts with her.

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The netizens even searched for the Limpopo women video on Telegram, which is currently the most trending news. Also, the content of the video shows the woman lying on the bed completely undressed and instructing her son to go on top to have intimate conduct. 

However, the boy seemed hesitant in the video and unknowingly followed her mother’s instructions about what was going on.

What steps did the Police Department take?

After watching the Tiktok video, Lieutenant General Themi said that the police cop no longer belongs to the South African police department and is suspended as she violated the laws.

What are the actions taken against the police woman?

The Policewoman was arrested on 20 January 2023. She was presented before the Limpopo court on 23 January. The lady police are charged with family violence, recording explicit child videos, assault on minors, and child protection.

 She will appear before the court on 30 January again. Accordingly, the court will take action on her act. The edited Youtube video is available for further clarity on the news.

The Social Media Links

The Conclusion

The Policewoman faced immediate action for her wrongful act; presently, she is under police custody. To get better clarity on the viral Limpopo video news, watch the video given here.

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Limpopo Police Video Twitter-FAQs

Q1. Who is the child in the video?

The child is the son of the alleged Policewoman.

Q2. Why are the Limpopo police woman arrested?

As she was involved in child assault with her son.

Q3. Where is the Limpopo police woman now?

She is in police custody.

Q4. What is the name of the Limpopo policewomen?

Her name and identity are hidden from her son’s involvement in the case.

Q5. When will the Limpopo women appear in court next?

Her next court appearance date is on 30 January.

Q6. How old are the Limpopo policewomen?

She is 40 years old.

Q7. Where is the kid seen in the video now?

The kid is under proper care and in a safe location now.

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