How to Check The Car Owner in the US With License Plate Number

How to Check The Car Owner in the US With License Plate Number?

Uncovering information on a vehicle owner can be difficult, but with the right search tool, you can use their license plate number to find out more about them in minutes!

A license plate lookup is often the fastest and most convenient way to identify and locate a vehicle owner, as you can gather a large amount of information on a vehicle’s history by simply using a VIN or license plate number and the right online search tool. 

In fact, the process has become so relatively easy that most people nowadays prefer to handle the entire process online over going to a police department motor vehicle agency like the DMV. After all, most of these online platforms are linked to multiple public databases, state agencies, and auto industry partners. 

This in turn allows you to quickly obtain details on the license plate owner since the information being extracted is primarily in the public domain. In this respect, you can often conduct a license plates lookup through some online websites like VinPit, where you only need to key in the license plate number in the search engine, select the state, and select “Start Search.” 

The Car Owner in the US With License Plate Number

Within minutes, you will have access to any vehicle’s sales records, performance and inspection histories, warranty record, safety ratings, and more. And the best part about using such a reverse search tool is that the results are almost instantaneous and accurate, all without any obligation to pay money for this information, either.

What Information Can You Get From a License Plate Number Lookup?

What Information Can You Get From a License Plate Number Lookup

With the help of the VinPit VIN decoder, you can not only identify a vehicle owner, but you can also obtain the vehicle’s history report, which will often detail aspects of the car and its specifications, such as the make, model, equipment and trim specifications, as well as other important aspects such as its accident history, sale history, current market value, manufacturer recalls, salvage and lien titles, etc. 

This makes it very easy to ascertain the vehicle’s flaws and make an informed choice if you happen to be shopping around for a used vehicle. Plus, with such online resources, you will often be able to save yourself the tediousness of having to search multiple websites for your auto inquiries. However, it is important to keep in mind that if you need official documentation, then you will most likely have to head to the DMV office or website.

Alternative License Plate Lookup Services

While using an online license plate lookup platform is the best way to get the information you need, there are still a few alternative options that you can consider as well.

#1. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) 

As mentioned before, the DMV provides access to an online service that is similar to other license plate owner lookup services. Plus, you have the option of dropping by their physical offices. The benefit of this option is that the data you will be able to access will be highly accurate and up-to-date. 

However, the problem with using the DMV is that they will often require you to pay a fee to access the information you seek. On top of that, the entire process can often be time-consuming, and also due to state privacy laws, they are highly unlikely to provide you with personal details about the vehicle’s owner, such as their name, address, or contact information.

#2. Private Detective

Another option worth considering if you want to gather complete information on a car’s registered owner is to hire a private detective. The benefit of this is that they are highly likely to provide you with an extensive report on the target, but the downside is that it will often prove expensive to hire a private detective.

Is It Legal To Gather Information On A Person’s Vehicle?

Before you start to gather information on someone else’s vehicle, it is vital that you take a minute to understand the legalities of doing so, as there are certain guidelines that must be understood and followed before you access this information. 

For starters, the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act effectively controls all of the data that involves vehicle owners in the United States. Its main aim is to ensure that any vehicle owner’s personal information is kept safe from unauthorized access. 

So, if you would like to gather details about a vehicle and its owner through the DMV, you can expect them to ask you for an explanation as to why you are interested in that information. This is done to ensure that any third parties do not end up using the information for nefarious purposes. 

However, while the DMV is legally allowed to deny you access to any personal information on the vehicle owner, the benefit of using an online license plate lookup tool is that the Freedom of Information Act gives you the legal ability to collect information on anything and anyone, as long as that information is part of the public record and is used in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.


A license plate search is often the simplest way to find the owner of any vehicle, whether it be for purchasing, selling, or investigative purposes. And while the local DMV will usually have all the relevant information that you need on a target, you are often better off utilizing third-party aggregate sites like VinPit. 

They are easier to access than government alternatives, completely free to use, and often tend to be a reliable alternative for license plate information since they collate the information from a wide number of public databases and state-run repositories. 

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