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[Updated] Levels Leaked Video: Check Viral Video Details From Reddit, Telegram, Tiktok, And Instagram

This post on Levels Leaked Video will reveal some facts about the bedroom tape of Shashl and Levels. Kindly read.

Are you aware of the leaked video of Levels and Shashl? Were they in a relationship? Recently, something weird happened on social media when everyone started trolling the duo. This post on Levels Leaked Video will tell you what exactly happened and why the leaked video had been trending in the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and other parts of the world. So, kindly read this post till the end. 


Did Dj Levels leak the bedroom tape?

As per online reports, Dj Levels had leaked the bedroom tape of him and Shashl on Twitter and other social media platforms. Some online sources revealed that Levels and Shashl had been in a relationship and used to share romantic moments privately. But, later when the video was leaked, Shashl blamed DJ for assaulting her. 

DISCLAIMER: We cannot post the private video of anyone on our website as it violated the community conditions.

Views of Shashl on Video Viral On Reddit

Reportedly, Shashl has opened up about her toxic relationship with Levels. She blamed him for blackmailing her. As per reports, she even talked about her past experiences when DJ had leaked the picture of Shashl when she wanted to part ways with him. This time when their bedroom tape was leaked by Dj online, she told the media that she wanted to break up the relationship but he had again leaked their private pictures and videos. She accused him of doing this to take revenge after she wanted to end the relationship. She also said that he had assaulted her physically and verbally. 

Is the bedroom tape removed from Telegram?

As per online sites, we have checked several sites like Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, etc., but the viral video of the bedroom is not available now. The online sites have removed the video as it violated community harmony and peace. Also, we have not found the video on the official account of Dj Levels. It is still unknown if the video was leaked by mistake or knowingly. Levels had come up with his statement on the leaked video till now. We hope that the matter will be resolved soon.


Latest News Levels Leaked Video

What did Levels say on this matter?

The leaked video on TikTok and other online sites has created a hoax. Levels stated that the private pictures and video were leaked by some random person who had stolen his mobile phone. He apologized for the incident through his social media. 


Wrapping up this post, you can learn more about the leaked video incident of Shashl and Dj here. We cannot share the video on our page.

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Levels Leaked Video: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is in the leaked video of Levels and Shashl?

Ans. As per sources, in the video, one can see Levels in the naked position in front of the mirror and taking a mirror selfie. The video shows the complete scenario of the bedroom of couple.

Q2. What did Shashl speak on the matter?

Ans. Shashl told that Levels had knowingly leaked the private video and pictures as he wanted to take revenge. Shashl wanted to get separated from Levels so he used to assault her.

Q3. What did Levels say on the matter?

Ans. On social media like Instagram and other sources, Levels issues a public apology where he said that the video had been leaked by the person who stole his mobile phone.

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