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We bring you exclusive facts about the recently launched crypto LGBT. Read this article to know more about Lets Go Brandon Crypto.

Brandon Brown, a NASCAR, faced criticism due to crowd chanting anti–Brandon chants at a NASCA race on 2nd October 2021 in the United States. A sports news reporter Kelli Stavast mistook the anti–Brandon chants as cheers to Brandon Brown. 

Due to this, Brandon Brown had lost many of his sponsors. Brandon Brown wanted the chant to be positive, like ‘Let’s Go, Brandon!’ Thus, the LGB coin was launched to correct the trend. Read this article to know more about Lets Go Brandon Crypto.

What is Let’s Go Brandon Crypto?

Let’s Go Brandon Crypto is a digital collection on the ERC20 blockchain that shows its owner’s support to ‘Let’s Go, Brandon!’ Movement. 

Being a republican, Brandon Brown did not want to get involved in politics. But a week later, he announced his partnership with Crypto creator for promoting the Let’s Go Brandon coin. Brandon Brown tweeted that he will get sponsored for his number 68 Chevrolet Camaro for the 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series season racing events by Let’s Go Brandon Crypto as a primary sponsor.

How do Lets Go Brandon Crypto works?

  • LGB coin is community-driven
  • Seven percent LGBT are rewarded to the stakeholders, and 2% is donated to charity
  • As LGBcoin is a virtual collectible, you need to stake it till the price of LGB increases. Later, you may sell LGBcoin at the desired profit.

Founder of LGB:

Grant Training is the founder of LGBT. Grant Tragni holds experience as a Hedge Fund Analyst.

LGB Price Statistics:

  • Price of LGB – $0.000001544 up by 51.71%
  • Price in BTC – 0.000000000032 up by 47.50%
  • Price in ETH – 0.000000000408 up by 47.80%
  • Lets Go Brandon Crypto Price Change 24h – $0.0000005268 up by 51.76%

LGBT price history:

  • 24h Low/24h High – $0.000001016/$0.000001612
  • Yesterday’s Low/High – $0.0000009556/$0.000001612
  • Yesterday’s Open/Close – $0.0000009556/$0.000001388
  • Yesterday’s Change – 45.27%
  • Yesterday’s Volume – $6,708,460.78
  • 7d Low/7d High – $0.0000009381/$0.000001612
  • 30d Low/30d High – $0.0000006947/$0.000001612
  • 90d Low/90d High – $0/$0.000005833
  • 52 Week Low/52 Week High – $0/$0.000005833
  • All-Time High – On 16th November 2021 at $0.000005833, up by 73.69%
  • All Time Low – On 17th November 2021
  • Let’s Go Brandon ROI – No information

LGBT Market:

  • Volume/Market Cap – 0.03895
  • Market Dominance – 0.00%
  • Lets Go Brandon Crypto Market Rank # 2835
  • Market Cap – $390,755,134.43
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap – $506,461,278.00 up by 50.85%

LGBT Supply:

  • Circulating Supply – 254,608,200,000,000 LGB
  • Total Supply – 330,000,000,000,000 LGB
  • Max Supply – 330,000,000,000,000 LGB
  • Trading Volume 24h – $15,219,742.68 up by 2176.59%

LGB price predictions:

  • 2021 – $0.00000125
  • 2022 – $0.00000178
  • 2023 – $0.00000248
  • 2024 – $0.00000354
  • 2025 – $0.00000509
  • 2026 – $0.0000074
  • 2027 – $0.00001054
  • 2028 – $0.00001502
  • 2029 – $0.000021
  • 2030 – $0.00002878

How to buy LGB?

  • Register on Fiat exchange. If you are already registered, then login to the Fiat exchange
  • Purchase ETH with Fiat currency
  • Send ETH to Altcoin exchange
  • Deposit ETH in exchange and swap Lets Go Brandon Crypto


1Q. What is the official address to buy LGB?

Ans. 0x21e783bcf445b515957a10e992ad3c8e9ff51288 is the official address to buy $LGBT.


LGBT has picked up in the crypto market as many celebrities like Ryan Fournier, Candace Owens, Brandon Brown, Etc. are involved in promoting it. Many financial tycoons like James Koutoulas have supported LGBT by donating. However, the price predictions of LGBT shows low profits over the long term. As intelligent investors, we leave the investment decision to your discretion. Please read about Best Cryptocurrency for Investment.

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