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Lep Engineering Plastics Scam: Curious To Check All The Trending Details For This Ltd Company? Find Here!

Read this article and find out some crucial facts that will help you answer your question, Lep Engineering Plastics Scam or legit.

Have you ever heard about Lep Engineering plastic company? Are you Searching for reviews regarding Lep Engineering? What is the rating of Lep Engineering?

It is a popular website that has been working in multiple countries like the United Kingdom, and people over the web have been looking for helpful information to learn if Lep Engineering Plastics Scam or if it is a legit portal.


Disclaimer: We are not promoting any website or product, details are mentioned only for educational purposes.

Scam of Lep Engineering Plastics:

After searching for details about the scam of Lep engineering, currently we are unable to fetch any scamming details and found this website has been active for the web, and no domain creation date has been available. Popular review giving portal has given mixed reviews. 

Some of the clients have also faced multiple problems while they have been waiting after purchasing products from Lep Engineering. Lots of clients have also suggested other viewers skip this portal.

Legitimacy factors for Lep Engineering Plastics Ltd.


Legitimacy factors for Lep Engineering Plastics Ltd.

  • The domain of Lep engineering has been disclosed when we have been checking it.
  • We have found a trust score of 35%, which could be a better one.
  • The trust index score of Lep engineering is about 40%.
  • No information on domain expiry has been uploaded till now.
  • Social media accounts have yet to be created, which is a significant drawback for Lep engineering.
  • Multiple contact information has been given, which will help viewers connect with them.
  • We do not get customer reviews, which raises a common question: is Lep Engineering Plastics Scam legit?
  • The owner has yet to provide a single piece of information about them.

Specification of Lep Engineering:

  • Customers can easily get connected with the team of Lep Engineering by calling this number +64 3 343 7950 or +64 9 636 2900
  • Customers can also email the office of lep engineering using this id or 
  • Social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and others have yet to be created.
  • Certifications like HTTPS and SSL have been registered, which will help protect any critical data.
  • Multiple payment options have been created, and customers will be able to clear their payments.

PROS ofLep Engineering Plastics Ltd:

  • Customers will never face any issues as all contact details are available.
  • Certifications are active, and it gives a wide range of protection.
  • Their products’ prices are also reasonable, and they provide good discounts.


  • Social media accounts have yet to be created, which is bad.
  • The owner needs to add details that will help customers know more about them.
  • Management does not take responsibility for their work.
  • The system that they use for processing plastics that do not work well.
  • They have a reputation for making false promises to others.
  • Lep Engineering also shares customers’ data with outside vendors.

Final Verdict:

After researching details about Lep engineering, we have yet to find any scams. But many details have yet to be found on the web; the trust score of this website is also low, and the popular review-giving portal also gives mixed reviews.

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Lep Engineering Plastics Scam: FAQs

Q1. What is the net worth of Lep Engineering?

9.6 Million

Q2. What is the SIC code of Lep Engineering?


Q3. What is the NAICS code of Lep Engineering?


Q4. What is the number of employees working in Lep Engineering?

37 employees.

Q5. What type of products does Lep engineering produce?

Retail and home improvement products.

Q6. Is LepEngineering a private firm?


Q7. How many branches are there for Lep Engineering?


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