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Leonora Royal Family: Is the Death Cause Cancer? Check Wiki for Biography, Age, Parents, Net worth & More!

In the given article, you will find about Leonora Royal Family. You will also understand her part in the Netflix series the Crown.

Who is Leonora? Why are people searching for Leonora on Wikipedia? Leonora was the princess of the royal family in Austria. Recently her story is going viral through a Netflix series ‘The Crown. The entry of Leonora in the fifth Season brings a crispy Turn in the story.

Worldwide Netflix movies, are creating a massive impact on the public by sharing the history of multiple countries and religions. Stay tuned to get precise information about the Leonora Royal Family.

Current News

In the fifth Season of ‘The Crown,’ the story introduces the new character Leonora, the princess of England. Young child actress Clara Graham plays her character. 

Lunara is the youngest daughter of Lord Romsey, Norton Knatchbull, and Lady Romsey, Penelope Khatchabull. The death of Leonora at a very young age is shocking for the viewers. So they are lurking to find out more about Leonora. 

Leonora Wiki

You can find all of our life details on the bio section of Leonara. You can find the page link in the Supporting Link section. As per news reporters, she was diagnosed with Kidney cancer and died at a very young age on 22 October 1991.

After that, her family built a charity in their daughter’s name. The charity is known as Leonora children’s cancer fund. The funeral was held in Hampshire, and she was buried under the grounds of her home.

What was the Age of Leonora when she died?

She was born in 1986 and died in 1991. She lived for only 5 years. 

When people find out about a young child’s sudden death, it is due to kidney cancer. This scenario was very disheartening, and necessary details are lacking on the internet. So people repeatedly search for any crucial element they can find about Leonora. 

However, the Crown series can define many of her details, but you can confirm that information from here.

Details on Leonora’s Kidney Cancer

Leonard was diagnosed with cancer in 1991. She went on a vacation with her family to Spain. Suddenly she falls ill, and when the Royal guards call the doctor, they find out she has severe Kidney cancer.

A few days later, news came across the people that the youngest child of the royal family, Leonora, was dead. The ceremony was held in the palace where she was living.

Leonora Biography 

Full Name Leonora Louise Marie Elizabeth Knatchbull
Country  England
Age 5 years
Died on 22nd October 1991
Birth  25 June 1986
Reason of Death  Kidney cancer
Education  Unknown
Work  Unknown
Hobby  Unknown
Family  Penelope Knatchbull, Countess Mountbatten of Burma, Norton Knatchbull, 3rd Earl Mountbatten of Burma
Recently Famous for  Netflix series The Crown

Sad that people are also looking for Leonara’s Net Worth, which we cannot estimate because she died young and belonged to a royal family.

Netflix Story 

The Crown came to its fifth Season. In this Season, you can see the entrance and life of the youngest child in the royal family. The story was based on the life of Queen Elizabeth II. The fifth Season of the series was released on 9 November 2022.

Most people were unaware of Princess Leonora. You can find out about the mystery of her Parents in this Season.

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The Crown Trailer

Disclaimer: we do not provide any Netflix shows or movies. The article is entirely relevant to news information required by the viewers. All the information available in the report is for reading purposes only.


Leonora Death & More information is provided in the article. You can compare the official details with the storyline of Netflix if It favours your thoughts and imagination.

How many episodes of the Crown have you seen till now? Give your comments below. You can watch the trailer of the web Series “The Crown form here”.


Leonora Royal Family: FAQs

Q1 Leonora died in which Year?

She died on 22 October 1991.

Q2 Who is playing Leonora in The Crown?

Clara Graham 

Q3 When was she diagnosed with Renal Cancer?

She was diagnosed at the age of 5 in Spain during vacation.

Q4 Who are the Characters of The Crown?

Imelda Staunton, Jonathan Pryce, Jonathan Pryce, Lesley Manville, Dominic West, etc. 

Q5 The Crown is based on whose life?

Queen Elizabeth II

Q6 How many seasons are there in The Crown?

Till Now, there are 5 seasons.

 Q7 Leonora Belong to which Royal Family?

She belongs to the family of Queen Elizabeth II.

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