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Lefty Sm Wife: Explore Complete Information On His Wikipedia, And Cause Of Death

This article exposed Lefty SM Wife and his causes of death and more about personal details.

Did Mexican rapper Juan Carlos Sauceda die? What happened to Lefty SM? How Lefty SM, the rapper died at a young age? Mexican rapper Lefty SM his real name is Juan Carlos Sauceda, his sudden death makes the United States and other countries deeply sorrowful. Everyone wants to know Lefty SM’s cause of death. Read the Lefty SM Wife article to get detailed information about his death, biography, and more.

Lefty SM, a Mexican Rapper Shot Dead

Lefty SM, a Mexican rapper was dead in Jalisco Zapopan in Mexico. Lefty SM’s real name is Juan Carlos Sauceda. And he is 31 years old. His sudden death at a young age makes everyone into deep sorrow. 

Mexican rapper’s death news was confirmed on 3rd September 2023, by Alzada Records. In Alzada Records label said that Lefty SM was allegedly dead in Mexico’s Zapopan, Jalisco. Lefty’s sudden death puts his wife and family into grief. 

Lefty SM Wikipedia

Lefty SM had worked together with several artists. Lefty SM’s native place is in San Luis Rio Colorado Mexico. Lefty SM was born on 22nd April 1992. He was 31 years old when he died. Lefty SM’s original name is Juan Carlos Sauceda and he was born in Zuid-Holland, Rotterdam, Netherlands.  Lefty SM was reportedly married to María Isabel.

Lefty was a Mexican and he followed Christianity religion. He was a popular rapper in Mexico. His height is 5 feet 10 inches and his weight is 70 kg. Continue reading to know Lefty SM Biography.

Lefty SM’s girlfriend

Lefty SM’s girlfriend is Ezy Mary and he has one daughter. Lefty SM, a Mexican rapper was killed in Jalisco on 2nd September 2023. Furthermore, he was the target of a theft and it ended with Lefty SM’s death after being shot. It happened at his home in Zapopan the La Cima neighborhood. 

He has collaborated with several artists such as Mr. Capone-E, Toser One, Santa Fe Klan, Santa RM, and Gera MX, McKlopedia. Lefty SM is however to have a Wikipedia page. Lefty SM Dead shot dead makes everyone sorrowful.

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Lefty SM’s Family

Lefty SM’s parents are in San Luis Río Colorado, and Sonora, Mexico. But, there are no details found about his parents on social media. Lefty SM was reportedly married to María Isabel. She is Lefty SM’s wife. With love and prayers, María Isabel and Lefty SM have two daughters. Alzada Records confirmed the Hip-hop artist’s tragic death through social media.

As per sources, before marriage to María Isabel, the rapper Lefty SM was in a relationship with Eza Mary. She is his girlfriend as well as a model.

Is Lefty SM Died?

Yes. Lefty SM has died on 3rd September 2023. Lefty SM gained popularity in 2017. He partnered with businesses like Luis R Conriquez, C-Kan, MC Davo, Santa Fe Klan, Dharius, Carin Léon, Neto Peña, and El Komander. Lefty SM’s hip-hop song titled Soy Mexicano is one of the biggest hits. 

Mostaza’s song’s 20th July 2023 release has gained 1 million views. Lefty has 2.7M followers on his YouTube channel also on other social media pages. But Lefty SM Death makes all his fans in pain and sorrow.

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Lefty SM, the 31-year-old popular Mexican rapper was shot and died on 3rd September 2023. He worked with many artists and released many albums. All his followers and family missed him but his songs never died. Click the link to get detailed information about Lefty SM and how Lefty SM Dies.

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