Latest News Reviews Reviews: Is This Site Scam or Legit? Check Full Details Here

What are the Reviews? Is this website a Scam or a Legitimate one? Read here.

What are Reviews? What is the Learn From Hills Dale website about? Does this website offer courses online? Is this a legitimate website? Are the methods available on this website for free? People from the United States are interested in the details. Let us learn a few things about this website. Read this article to know each component. Reviews

The website offers many online courses. These courses are available free of cost. But many people wondered how such good courses are here for free. Thus, to answer the query of many, we researched a lot. There are a few testimonials present on their website.

Hence, we found some reviews on another trusted portal. We found one video where a person was talking about this website. And he tried 2 of their online courses. He said these courses are suitable for basic knowledge. But if you want career advancement, these courses could be more effective. 

Is Scam or Legit?

Let us now discuss the legitimacy of this website. It is essential to determine the legitimacy before taking any courses from here. Although the classes are free and no money is involved. But everyone should cross-verify the details because any wrong website can cause considerable damage to your device.

  • Trust Score: It is just 58.1, considered a medium and mediocre score. 
  • Website Creation: It was created on 6th November 1992. 
  • Website’s Popularity Score: It is zero, which means the website’s popularity is poor.
  • Suspicious Website Probability: It is 21 out of 100.
  • Blocklisted Domain: No
  • Website Expiry Date: on 31st July 2024, the website will expire.
  • Reviews: Reviews are average and restricted.
  • Social Media Networks’ Presence: The website’s host page has a social media presence.
  • User Interface: Its interface is clean and attractive.
  • Registration Details: These details are also available. 

This website is a type of Sub-domain from its parent website. The main website is Hills Dale College’s official website. Thus, it was impossible to identify the legitimacy of only this website. 

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Details About Learnfromhillsdale Website

Anyone can sign up for free online courses. Hills Dale College, Michigan, hosts the website. There are approximately 40 courses available on the website. Is Scam or Legit? The subjects are varied, and anyone can choose any of the issues. A few of the courses are:

  • The Great Principle of Chemistry
  • C.S. Lewis on Christianity
  • The David Story: Shepherd, Father, King
  • Classic Children’s Literature
  • The Second World War, etc.

Registration for the courses is also easy. They also provide books and DVDs of the related courses. But these things are not free of cost. They will charge money from the students for DVDs also. But the professors who will take up the classes will be great.

Final Summary on Reviews

The article has precise details about the website for free online courses. These courses are for everyone. The Hills Dale College Michigan provides it. The website looks very attractive and legit. But there are a few red flags. Reviews were also not at par. A few more reviews would have helped us understand the website’s features. For more details about the reviews, click here

Do you know about the Hills Dale College? Please comment on your reviews about this website. 

Disclaimer: The website looks legit but needs some vetting. 

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