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League Of Ancients Token {Dec} Address, How To Buy?

This article describes an innovative gaming crypto token based on play-to-earn that rewards online gamers. Read on League of Ancients Token.

Are you searching for gaming projects that reward the players and investors with tokens? If yes, continue reading this article till the end to get advanced knowledge about this trending gaming and NFT token from the crypto space.

Gamers, investors and crypto enthusiasts from the Philippines, Thailand, Brazil are highly interested in blockchain technology-based gaming projects that reward the gamers for their valuable contribution. The reward helps attract more gamers to the platform, increasing the token’s liquidity. Read on League of Ancients Token.

About League of Ancients (LOA)

League of Ancients is an NFT-game inspired by League of Legends and DOTA2 that helps create a strong gaming community based on the latest blockchain technology by taking advantage of the trending crypto space. No upfront cost is the biggest advantage of this gaming project.

All the online gamers are rewarded with tokens for their effort and gaming presence regardless of being amateur or professional gamers. The main objective is to provide more revenue to the gamers while enjoying the gaming experience, a win-win situation for all.  

League of Ancients Token

  • The traditional gaming platform doesn’t provide any income to the gamers, and this concept is entirely changed after introducing a play-to-earn gaming platform.
  • An average gamer spends multiple hours in the gaming platform, and with the help of the play-to-earn system, the gamer is rewarded with an equivalent number of tokens related to their effort.
  • The gamers can use this token to convert it into cash, or these reward tokens can be used to purchase gaming equipment or items.
  • The gaming rewards can improve the gamer’s gaming skills and help them to purchase more efficient gaming equipment.

Market Capitalization

  • Current Price of League of Ancients Token: No data
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 LOA
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: No data
  • Market Cap: No data
  • Holders: 1,010 addresses
  • 24h L: N/A
  • 24h H: N/A 
  • ATH: N/A
  • ATL: N/A

Founders and Team

  • Dwayne Ong plays the role of the Project Lead.
  • Kenneth Choong is the Community Manager of the company.
  • Abdul C is a Smart Contract Developer.
  • John Lim plays the role of Marketing Director.
  • Gavin Liu is the Game Director.
  • Luso is the Art Director.
  • Chien ia a Concept Artist.
  • Peter Joseph manages Partnership Relation.
  • Weng Hong is in charge of System Support. Read more on League of Ancients Token.

Where to Buy LOA?

  • The user needs to have an account on Binance. To create an account on Binance, the user needs to submit simple personal data.
  • After providing the personal data, the user has to complete a two-step verification process. The verification process includes email and mobile number verification.
  • Finally, the user has to go through KYC verification to initiate buying or selling using Binance.
  • After all these verifications, the user needs to add enough funds to the Binance wallet. This funding can be done with the help of internet banking or by using credit/debit card payment. Understand more about League of Ancients Token here.
  • The fund available in the wallet can be used to purchase LOA tokens as per market price.


Q1: What’s the token contract address?

A1: The contact address of this token is 0x30CE5BdB2b73206d553ff288d2d209E49DA17B0C.

Q2: Is LOA token listed on bscscan?

A2: Yes, the LOA token is listed on bscscan.


Play-to-earn games have large global acceptance as it provides the gamers with an additional income while enjoying the gaming experience. To understand more about this project and token, please visit.

Have you tried playing any games that provide gaming rewards similar to League of Ancients Token? If yes, please comment on your gaming experience below.

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