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League April Fools 2023: How To Download Fate Grail Apk File? Check Details Here!

League April Fools 2023 write-up has listed the downloading method for the Apk version of the Fate Grand Order game.

Are you a fan of Fate Grand Order, a role-playing single-player video game? Are you ready to play the April fool’s version of this game specially designed for April 2023? A Japanese franchise developed the game for local gamers, but it was later distributed in countries like Australia and Canada.

The April fool’s version of the game, Fate/Grail League, requires players to choose their baseball team. League April Fools 2023 details the FGO baseball game that has generated interest among gamers in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany.


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L asengle Baseball Game for April Fool Day:

Fate Grand Order is a single-player game that gives a gamer an opportunity to take the role of master. FOA is a combat game where Masters summons their servants with different skills and gets into combat with enemies. 

Lasengle introduces a new version of the game each year for April month, and this year, the developer has tried a baseball game for the masters and servants.

Fate Grail League Apk:

The game was released on 31st March 2023 and is active for one day for gamers in Japan. It can be downloaded from the Google play store in select countries. Players from other countries can download the Apk version on their mobile devices. Some information related to the Apk game file is listed below.

  • Size of the file – 48.91 MB
  • Developer – Aniplex Inc.
  • Current Version – 1.0
  • Compatibility – IOS 13.0, Android KitKat 4.0 and Android 9.0 or later
  • Release date – 31st March 2023
  • Fate Grand Order App can also be downloaded from the Play store.

How to Download Fate Grail League Apk File?

Some websites like Apkpure can be used to download the Apk file game for Android devices. Players should shift the file to their Android device to make it workable. Some steps for downloading the Fate Gail Apk file are listed below for gamers having no access to the original Fate Grail game.

  • Go to the well-known website that provides Apk files for recently released games.
  • Enable the third-party app installation on your device.
  • Players can go to Menu-Settings-Security on their device.
  • In Security, check apps from other than the play store.
  • Go to the file manager, locate the Grail League file and download it.

Grail League April Fools 2023 Link on Reddit:

The Grand Order community on Reddit has shared the link to Grail League for April fool’s day 2023. The link post has generated much interest from gamers as it attracted 103 comments in less than sixteen hours. The gamers shared the nature of the game and how one should approach it to maximize their game experience.Click Now 

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Final verdict:

Fate Grand Order has released a baseball game on the occasion of April Fool 2023, and players having no access to the original game file can download its Apk version. 

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League April Fools 2023: FAQs

Q.1 Who is the Developer of the Fate Grand Order Game?

Lasengle is the developer of the FGO from 2021 onwards.

Q.2 How much has Fate Order Game grossed till 2021?

It is estimated that FGO has grossed more than $5.4 billion by 2021.

Q.3 What is the end time for the Fate Grail League game?

The Fate Frail version of the Fate Order will terminate at 23:59 on 1st April 2023.

Q.4 Which game was released by FGO developers last year on April Fool’s Day?

FGO developers released Fate/Pixel wars in 2022 for April Fool’s Day.

Q.5 Which mode of Fate Grail League April Fools 2023 allows you to choose your favourite servant?

The AR mode of FGL can be used for choosing the favourite servant.

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