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Layza Felizardo Instagram: Check More Details On Idade

What is Layza Felizardo Instagram? What are the details about Idade and her ex-boyfriend? Let us check facts on the topic here.

What are the details on Layza Felizardo Instagram? Who is Layza Felizardo? Why is Layza trending on social media? Who was Layza’s ex-partner? What is happening in her personal life? Netizens from Brazil are interested in knowing all the details related to Layza and his celebrity ex-partner. They have a feud between them currently. Let us know the details now.

Layza Felizardo Instagram

People are now searching for Layza’s Instagram details because she has been in the limelight for dating a 48-year-old man. She started dating Amado Batista at the age of 17, and now she is 24. She broke up with him, and now Layza has stood up for herself. 

Layza accused Amado of cheating on her with other women and girls. The couple was living together, and they dated for more than four years. But Layza disclosed that Batista used to talk to several girls from different cities. When she found out that Amado was cheating on her, she decided to break up with him. 

Layza Felizardo Instagram

More Details into Layza Felizardo Idade

As per several sources on the internet, Layza is currently 24 years old. Layza has spoken up for herself in the media for the first time. As per a post on Instagram, her lawyer has mentioned her as Amado Batista’s wife and imposed heavy claims on Amado Batista. We will discuss it in this article.

They exposed him for harming Layza emotionally and physically. Allegedly, Amado expelled Layza without any proper support from his house. She now has nowhere to live (as claimed in the post on Instagram). The case was filed for domestic violence along with several other charges against Amado Batista, as per Layza Felizardo Instagram.

More Details into Layza Felizardo Idade

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Details Related To Amado Batista 

Amado is a famous Brazilian singer and actor. Although he was not that good of an actor, he sang well. Amado has released hundreds of songs, and at the age of 72, he is still active in the industry. Amado performs and releases new songs often. His popularity is unparalleled in his country. 

Amado is successful, prosperous, and talented. However, the recent scandal related to his ex-partner Layza Felizardo has taken a toll on his professional life as well. Although, Amado has not yet released any statement in public pertaining to the case. But he has always denied the allegations subtly when the scandal first broke out. 

More Details on Amado & Layza

Layza Felizardo Idade and Amado’s age difference was always a topic of discussion in their country. Layza allegedly had been homeless as, for a few days, she slept in her car with her few belongings. And those were mainly her clothes. Now, she is living with her mother and rests on a mattress on the kitchen floor. Layza wants to seek justice and wants her rights to be protected at all costs.  

More Details on Amado & Layza


In today’s article, we have talked about the case of Layza Felizardo and Amado Batista, a popular singer. Amado has been accused of leaving Layza, his ex-partner, in misery. After he expelled her from his house, she has nowhere to go. Layza Felizardo Idade is just 24 years old, and she feels like her life is destroyed at the hands of Amado Batista. If you want to visit Layza Felizardo’s Instagram profile, click here.

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