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Lauren Lighter Montreal: Want To Know Obituary, Age, Parents, Net worth, Height & More Wiki Facts? Read Biography Now!

The family members and close ones arranged a funeral ceremony for Lauren Lighter Montreal at Paperman & Sons.

Do you know who Lauren Lighter was? Do you have any idea how Lauren Lighter died? Lauren Lighter was a designer in Montreal, Canada. Lauren Lighter’s friends and relatives from the United States were shocked after hearing that she is no more. 

The close ones of Lauren Lighter are still unaware of her death. They continuously searched for Lauren Lighter Montreal death news to know what happened to her. 


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How did Lauren Lighter die?

On 8th February, Wednesday, the family members of Lauren Lighter announced the death of their daughter. But, none of Lauren Lighter’s family members shared the cause of death of her. It is still unknown how Lauren Lighter lost her life. She was only thirty-three years old. 

Lauren Lighter’s Obituary and Funeral:

On 12th February, Sunday, at around 12 p.m., the family members of Lauren Lighter arranged a funeral ceremony for Lauren. The funeral ceremony will take place in the headquarters of Paperman & Sons, 3888 Jean Talon St. W. 

According to Lauren’s family, the burial of Lauren took place at Congregation Shaar Hashomayim Cemetery in 1250 ch. de la Forêt. 

Parents and Family of Lauren Lighter:

Lauren Lighter was the biological daughter of Lenny Lighter and Dr. Joanne Walford. Martin Spalding and Stephanie Watson are Lauren Lighter’s step-parents. Lauren Lighter has three siblings- Shane Lighter, Dr. Melani Lighter, and Kevin Hall. 

Was Lauren Lighter married?

Yes, Lauren Lighter was a married woman. After searching for her Biography, we get to know that Michael Levy is Lauren Lighter’s husband. Lauren and Michael have twins. Lucas Levy and Layla Levy are the twin children of Lauren Lighter and Michael Levy. You can check our “Social Media Sites Links” section to see Lauren Lighter’s official Instagram account. 

Lauren Lighter’s Wiki:

Full Name  Lauren Lighter 
Date of Birth  3rd December 1989
Age at the time of death  33 years
Birth Place  Montreal, Canada 
Death Date  8th February 2023
Profession  Designer 
Marital Status  Married 
Partner’s Name  Michael Levy 
Nationality  Canadian 
Zodiac Sign  Sagittarius 

Lauren Lighter’s Nationality, Ethnicity, and Religion:

Unfortunately, the family members of Lauren Lighter did not reveal anything about her ethnicity and religion. All we know is that Lauren Lighter was a Canadian woman. Many people also searched for Lauren Lighter’s Height & More, but these details are not available. 

Lauren Lighter’s Education Qualification:

We have searched a lot about the education qualification of Lauren Lighter. But we could not find any details about her schools and colleges. According to Lauren Lighter’s Instagram account, she was a designer. 

Lauren Lighter’s Date of Birth and Age:

Lauren Lighter was born on 3rd December 1989 in Montreal, Canada. Last December, Lauren celebrated her thirty-three birthday. 

Social Media Sites Links:


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The Final Verdict:

May the almighty give strength to Lauren Lighter’s family members to bear this unbearable pain! We will pray for Lauren Lighter’s soul to rest in peace. Click on the link to watch the live stream of Paperman & Sons, where the funeral ceremony of Lauren Lighter will happen.

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Lauren Lighter Montreal– FAQs:

Q.1 What is the cause of Lauren Lighter’s death?

Ans. It is still unknown. 

Q.2 How old was Lauren Lighter?

Ans. Thirty-three years old.

Q.3 What type of person was Lauren Lighter?

Ans. Determined, compassionate, and hilarious.

Q.4 Who is Lauren Lighter’s grandfather?

Ans. Dorice Brown Walford. 

Q.5 Is the Instagram account of Lauren Lighter private?

Ans. Yes.

Q.6 How many followers does Lauren Lighter have on Instagram? 

Ans. 1953 followers.

Q.7 What is the Net worth of Lauren Lighter?

Ans. It is not confirmed. 

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