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[Full Video Link] Laure Raccuzo Allianz Riviera Video: How Did The Stade Nice Leaked On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter Platforms? Know Here!

The article informs the reader about Laure Raccuzo Allianz Riviera Video, reaction of the Nice club, Laure’s statement, and other related information.

What happened at the Allianz Riviera Stadium? People on the internet are seeing many posts about Allianz Riviera Stadium, which certainly has gained their attention. People Worldwide are curious to know all the information about the Stadium and how Laure Raccuzo is related to the news.

If you are wondering the same, then keep up with this article. Here we will inform the reader about the controversy of Laure Raccuzo Allianz Riviera Video.


What happened in the Allianz Riviera Stadium?

At Allianz Riviera Stadium, an only-fans French model named Laure Raccuzo filmed a video of the Stadium’s bathroom. In the video, she was filming adult content for her only fans. 

When her video took over the internet, it got viral just in the blink of an eye. The video reached OGC Nice soccer club, and Laure Raccuzo got backlash from them.

What action did the club take after Laure Raccuzo Stade Nice Video?

When they found out about the explicit video, they filed a police complaint against Laure’s actions on what she did inside the bathroom of Allianz Riviera Stadium. The Departmental Directorate of Public Security stated that the club deposited the complaint on Monday.

French police have not taken action against Laure Raccuzo, but they have started an investigation.

What Laure Raccuzo said in the investigation of the viral Twitter Video?

According to her statement, she went to the Stadium to hook up with some guy, but that man did not, so she asked around the Stadium if anyone was interested in a content session. Soon she found the other guy and told him to meet her in the women’s washroom after the game started.

Eventually, she went to the bathroom and filmed the adult content with him.

How people reacted to the Laure Raccuzo viral video that got Leaked On Reddit?

On Reddit, like every other viral video, people reacted similarly. They shamed and made fun of her. People also targeted that guy and commented that he had the experience of his life and on that day, Nice Club was not the only winner.

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The Final Verdict

An only fan model filmed adult content in the female washroom. That’s why Allianz Riviera Stadium is flashing all over the internet. 

Do you think the police will take action against this situation? Comment down your thoughts and views on this article.

Laure Raccuzo Telegram Video (FAQs)

1-Is her video link posted on any Telegram Channel?

A- Yes, there are a few links to the video.

2- What is the age of Laure Raccuzo?

A- She is a 28 years old woman.

3- When did the incident take place?

A- It happened on 29 January 2023.

4- How much does Laure Raccuzo make from her Only Fans?

A- Per month, she makes $10 from her Only Fans account.

5-Can people find the video on Youtube?

A- No, as per the YouTube guidelines, these videos are restricted.

6- What was that guy wearing who filmed with Laure Raccuzo?

A- He was in a pink long-sleeve hoodie with a red short-sleeve t-shirt and a black puffy vest.

7-How many followers Laure Raccuzo has on his Instagram account?

A- She has more than 10.9 K followers.

8- Is her Instagram account child friendly?

A-No, it’s not.

9- Is she on TikTok?

A-Yes, she is on Tiktok.

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