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Latitude Money Scam: Check Complete Details On Contact, And Motor Finance

Check facts about Latitude Money Scam, Money Contact, and Motor Finance. Read to know more.

Thousands of customers from Australia were affected by a worst data breach at Latitude Financial. Did you know its preceding company, GE Money, was also affected? Did you know Latitude Financial had to issue a statement to Australian Stock Exchange to keep up its credibility? Let’s check about the Latitude Money Scam.

About Latitude Financial Scam:

The customers of Latitude Financial in Australia were contacted about a data breach. Latitude Financial reported the information to the government and investigating agencies on 23rd/March/2023. The customers were initially sent an email informing them about leaked personal and financial data. Latitude Financial stated they are in the process of dispatching information by post.

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Impact of data breach:

Latitude Financial reported that leaked data included: 

  • Approximately 308,000 bank account numbers, excluding banking passwords,
  • Passport details or Driving licence numbers of approximately 103,000 customers,
  • Income and expenditure statements used for evaluating 900,000 loan applications,including Latitude Motor Finance applications,
  • About 143,000 credit card numbers used for disbursement and debt consolidation, excluding 3-digit CVC and expiry dates, were leaked. But, the majority of credit cards had expired,
  • Less than a hundred account statements,
  • Passport numbers of approximately 53,000 clients, and
  • Name, contact numbers, addresses, and DoB of approximately 7.9 million clients, but not necessarily all.

Support provided by Latitude Financial:

  • Latitude Financial informed the specific customers about what data was leaked. 
  • If a customer’s ID is proven to be stolen, Latitude Financial will provide the cost of replacement of stolen IDs, some of which is associated with old Latitude Money Contact.
  • Helpline numbers for Australia and New Zealand were set.
  • Code LAT23 was publically announced for customers to apply for an investigation of their personal information theft.
  • Latitude Financial is coordinating the data breach investigation with the help of the Australian Cyber Security Centre, external cyber-security experts, and the Australian Federal Police.

Non-existing customers data leak:

The law requires financial firms to maintain customer records for up to seven years to avoid money laundering. Several customers who were contacted about data breach had their accounts closed in 2005, which raised the question of why information about non-existing customers was leaked.

Latitude Money Contact:

In 2015, GE Money was sold and rebranded as Latitude Financial. As a part of the deal, GE Money passed on information about their old and existing clients.

As a data breach was reported this year, Latitude Financial should have purged customer records prior to 2015-16. It could have prevented millions of customers’ records from getting leaked.

Latitude Financial offers a wide range of financial services for which customer records were maintained, which includes:

  • Motor Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Interest-Free Shopping
  • Insurance for cars, homes, and consumer credit insurance,
  • Personal Insurance,
  • Debt consolidation,
  • Hardship care,
  • Digital wallet,
  • Home Renovation Loan,
  • Travel Loan,
  • Medical Loan, and
  • Solar and Battery Loan.

Latitude Motor Finance:

As a part of tailored motor loans, Latitude Financial offered finance at competitive but affordable interest rates to buy old and new cars. Latitude Financial spreads the repayment amount over a long period with flexible repayment options.

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Latitude Financial is a reputed financial service provider in Australia, with its clients coming from New Zealand. On, the customer gets the option to evaluate their creditworthiness and eligibility to obtain different types of loans. Hence, there is a huge customer database maintained by Latitude Financial, including records of customers approved for loans. Therefore, a data breach creates havoc.

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