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Lathe Machine Incident Real Video: Check If Lathe Machine Incident Footage, And Death Video Still Available On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

This research on Lathe Machine Incident Real Video will guide the readers on the person stuck in the lathe machine. So, keep reading this post.

What is a Lathe Machine? Did you watch the video of a man stuck in the lathe machine? This Lathe Machine Incident Real Video has been trending in the countries like the Philippines. No doubt, there are various incidents reported frequently. It was a heartbreaking video that is being trended on various social media sites. If you are trying to reach out to this video, you can read about it here.


Russian Man Shredded in Lathe Machine! 

A video is trending on Instagram and Reddit sources that a man from Russia was shredded in a lathe machine. As per online sources, this video features a young man roaming in a workshop having various machines. The lathe machine was working at the moment and the man slipped to the axis and was shredded into pieces. Another man encountered the incident after he died.

Lathe Machine Incident Footage

As per online sources, this video is now not available on every source as it contains disturbing content. However, this footage can be found on Reddit. But, we advise you all to watch the video only if you are 18 plus and strong by heart. The lathe machine incident involved a man who is shredded into pieces. As per Death Video, this man was Russian and worked in a workshop having lathe machines. He by mistake slipped into the Lathe machine. His pieces were flown into the workshop and the machine was filled with blood. 

DISCLAIMER: The video showed heart-wrenching content and we would not share this video with our readers as it might be sensitive for light-hearted people and young kids. 

Was this video sensitive? 

We would say Yes because this video cannot be seen by people with light hearts. Especially, people below 18 should avoid watching this video on Youtube. This video is 52 seconds long and has a very disturbing scene that can be dangerous for sensitive people. 

How old is this video? 

This video was uploaded on August 2021, which means that this video was around one and a half years old. Although, various such incidents are being reported frequently in different places. Tiktok, Reddit, and other sources have become the hub of such videos.


Summing up this post, we have found all the details on the man shredded in the Lathe machine  from the web sources. 

What are your views on this incident? Kindly share your ideas on the incident in the comment box. 

Viral On On Reddit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a lathe machine? 

Ans. A Lathe machine is a tool that uses a work piece that rotates through its axis to shape the wood or metal piece. It is used for knurling, shaping, cutting, deforming, etc. 

Q2. What is the duration of the video? 

Ans. As per online sources, this video was around 52 seconds long. 

Q3. From where did this video originate? 

Ans. Online sources revealed that the video originated from Russia and it is trending in other countries too.

Q4. Is this video available on Telegram and other sites? 

Ans. The video is available on various social media sites. So, it may be available on Telegram too. 

Q5. When was this video surface? 

Ans. This video is around one and a half years old. This was shared on Reddit in August 2021. 

Q6. What does this video show? 

Ans. In the video, one can see a man shredded in a lathe machine by mistake. The video is available on Twitter.

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