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Lashawn Thompson Photos Graphic: Has Bed Bugs Revealed in Autopsy Report? Check Trending Reddit Updates Here!

The facts behind Lashawn Thompson Photos Graphic are uncovered in this post to bring to your notice the condition of the cell where Lashawn died.

Did the bugs eat alive men while being imprisoned? It was challenging and distressing for many users from the United States, the United Kingdom, and other nations to view the condition of a cell where bugs ate the alive man.

Many online viewers found it difficult to believe the cell’s condition, creating outrage and anger for the authorities, associated officials, and the entire department. So, look into this scrutinized write-up and understand the situation exhibited in Lashawn Thompson Photos Graphic.

Disclaimer: We gather facts from online sources to provide truthful incidences instead of elevating them or disgracing anyone.

Are there graphic pictures available of Lashawn Thompson?

Graphic pictures of Lashawn Thompson were out recently, creating global attention and angering people over the cell’s condition. The Fulton County Jail, where Lashawn’s remains were found, created a spark on Reddit and other networks.

How did Lashawn Thompson die?

Lashawn Thompson passed away on 13th September 2022. He was 35 at the time of passing and was found dead in a cell. As per Lashawn’s family members, insects, specifically bedbugs, ate Lashawn alive in the jail cell.

He was held in the psychiatric wing of the imprisonment on 12th June 2022 due to suffering from schizophrenia. As per the Autopsy Report, Lashawn was accused of simple battery misdemeanor.

Are the officials investigating Lashawn’s case?

The district attorney officials of Fulton County are currently investigating the case. Lashawn’s family attorney, Michael Harper, stated that a federal civil rights inquiry is ongoing to reveal the truth.

Lashawn Thompson Bed Bugs:

Harper, the family lawyer, mentioned that the remains of Lashawn in the photographs exhibit that he was infested with lice and bedbugs.

His remains were found on his cell’s floor, and the photographs depict his horrible condition. The lawyer also mentions that Lashawn was dehydrated, lost considerable weight, and was neglected.

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How was Lashawn’s body condition when they received his remains?

Although Lashawn’s family received his remains in 2022, the police personnel failed to answer the queries made by the family. Many posts on Reddit indicate that the family wanted to know why his remains were covered with sores and scars. Some of the gruesome scars seemed to occur due to bugs’ infestation.

Lashawn Thompson Photos Graphic:

As per NAACP’s Georgia state conference’s president and Atlanta Attorney, Gerald Griggs, the graphic photographs of Lashawn Thompson have stunned the entire planet. He added that the cell’s condition in the pictures looks like a scene from a horror movie.

Although the jail’s three supervisors resigned after investigating Lashawn’s case, local leaders and advocates stated it was insufficient. They mentioned anyone responsible for such negligence must be held criminally and civilly.

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Lashawn Thompson (below) died after being devoured by insects and brutalized for 3 months in a filthy cell in the Atlanta jail. He never was convicted of a crime and had been charged with a misdemeanor.
by u/RasherSambos in ROI


Lashawn Thompson’s latest photographs created outrage since they revealed the horrible condition of the cell where the bedbugs had eaten him alive. Lashawn was booked three months before he perished in one of the country’s largest jails, the Atlanta facility, which also holds pre-trial detainees. 

Did you see Lashawn’s photographs? Share how to maintain such conditions in a facility.

Lashawn Thompson Photos Graphic: FAQs

Q1. Who was Lashawn Thompson?

A 35-year-old individual who was imprisoned in Fulton jail

Q2. How much bail was set for Lashawn Thompson?

2500 USD

Q3. What did Griggs suggest about the treatment of people in jail?

Griggs suggested that everyone in that jail has not been convicted of any crime, and the officials must treat them as citizens who are only charged for something.

Q4. What did the officials tell Lawshaw’s family?

The law enforcement officials told the family members that they found Lashawn unresponsive in the imprisonment cell. 

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