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{Updated} Laphonza Butler Wife: Curious For Details Like Net Worth, Family, Maryland, Wiki, Partner

The article will talk about Laphonza Butler Wife, her Net Worth, Wiki, Family, Age, Partner, and Maryland connection.

Do you know Laphonza Butler? She is about to take the seat of the previous senate, Dianne, who died recently. The news spread among the people of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, and they are looking forward to her candidature as the first open black woman LGBTQ senator.

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Who is Laphonza Butler Wife?

Laphonza is married to Neneki Lee, who is a 49-year-old woman and is known for her contributions to labor and advocacy. She works for labor rights throughout the United States, and the couple shares an 8-year-old daughter, Nylah. 

Laphonza Butler Wiki

Let’s have a look at her Wikipedia details.

Full Name Laphonza Romanique Butler
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth Magnolia. Mississipi
Age 44 years
Occupation Senator
Marital status Married
Spouse Name Neneki Lee

What is Laphonza Butler Net Worth?

Laphonza Butler was part of the election for the democratic women for their abortion rights. Her current net worth is $300,000. She is a very known figure in politics and was elected as the President of California SEIU in 2013. She has been in politics, working for people’s welfare. 

Butler is known for her strong voice representing women’s rights and equality as well as LGBTQ rights.

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Details of Laphonza Butler Family

As for Laphonza’s family, she is married to Neneki Lee, and the couple share a daughter of 8 years. The further details of her parents and siblings are unknown at present. We will let the readers know the complete details about her family as soon as we get the authentic information.

We also have no family details about Laphonza Butler Partner, but we will update you as soon as we get more information.

Laphonza Butler Age

Laphonza is 44 years old, and currently, she was appointed as Senator after Dianne Feinstein passed away last week. After Kamala Harris, she is the second black woman to represent California. 

The LGBTQ rights executive director, Tony Hoang, said that the appointment made was historic and it will give voice to the LGBTQ community to fight for their rights and freedom.

Laphonza Butler Maryland connection

Laphonza Butler lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, and she worked for Emily’s List. She was born in Magnolia, Mississippi. We are waiting for more details about her family. 

The democrats are thrilled to welcome her in the position, and they are confident about her work and public service and are looking forward to Butler’s service for people’s rights and equality. 

Laphonza Butler Partner

We know that Neneki Lee is Laphonza’s partner but the exact date of their marriage is not known to the public yet. They have an eight years old daughter and that is all we know about the couple.

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom chooses Laphonza Butler to fill Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat
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The recent nomination of the Senate position has thrilled the LGBTQ community and the advocates when she was appointed. To know more about Laphonza Butler Wife and her career details, visit online websites for detailed information.

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