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Laney Chantal Obituary: Know About Beloved Juggalo family person Dead, Instagram, Age & Twitter!

The article Laney Chantal Obituary presents the real causes behind the death of the famous makeup artist along with her biography details.

Are you the type of person who is more into cosmetic and beauty updates? Were you aware of the famous makeup artist Laney Chantal? A famous and talented makeup artist from the United States has died recently, and this news has left many people in deep grief. Many people are reposting her obituary. So, this article discusses Laney Chantal Obituary and the causes of her death in a detailed manner.


Laney Chantal Cause of Death, How did she die?

Alaina Chantal Parkhurst, who resided at Manitou Beach, was one of the most famous makeup artists in the town. On October 31, 2022, she died from an overdose of drugs. According to online sources, Laney accidentally consumed more drugs than the standard prescribed amount for women.

Laney Chantal Obituary Dead news, Passed Away & Funeral 

Laney’s death seems to be an accidental one, not an intentional one. And this was confirmed by her parents, as she was a woman of great dreams. But on the other hand, she suffered from psychological illness during her last phase of life. Her family will organize a luncheon to honor Laney and that will be held on Saturday, November 12, 2022.

Laney Chantal Social Media Handles

Laney was an active social media user, having accounts on the following platforms:

  • Instagram: Her user account name is @laneychantal, and she had 60100 followers.
  • Twitter: Her user account name is @xlaneychantalx, and she had around 29 followers.

Laney Chantal’s Parents and Family Details

Laney Chantal was born on February 20, 1989, in Michigan, in the region of Adrian. Her parents, Thomas Parkhurst and Linda, showered all their love on their daughter. Laney also had two siblings named Hannah and Lauren. 

She had maintained very close relationships with her nephews. And their names are Kenny, Aiden, and Julian. She had a loving family but currently, they delivering Laney Chantal Obituary news to their friends and relatives. 

Was Laney Chantal Married?

Laney Chantal was single. She divorced her famous guitarist husband, Jeordie White, who is related to Marilyn Manson’s rock band. Jeordie has another name, “Twiggy Ramirez.” Laney and Jeordie were dating in 2009, and they want to take their love to the next level. Thus, the couple decided to tie the knot on July 26, 2014.

But their relationship didn’t last long; the couple separated in 2018, and they have no children. But recently, the rumor of Laney dating Dave Navarro spread across Twitter as they tattooed themselves with matching images. But Laney denied that rumor.

Laney Chantal Wiki, Biography, Personal Life 

Biography details of Laney Chantal 
Real and full name Alaina Chantal Parkhurst
Nick name Laney 
Profession  Makeup artist 
Date of birth 20 th February 1989
Zodiac sign Pisces
Age 33
Birthplace Michigan 
Nationality  American 
Marital status Single 
Ex-husband name Jerodie White
Partner name no partner 
Net worth 25 million dollars

Laney Chantal Ethnicity, Nationality, and Religion

As Laney Chantal was born in Michigan, her ethnic roots are from America, and she does have the same nationality. Her parents followed the Christian religion, and as her parents, Laney also lived a Christian life, she doesn’t seem to be a very religious person.

Laney Chantal Educational Qualifications, Early life and Career Details 

Laney attended her primary schooling at Saint Joseph Academy, and She attended Hudson School for her high schooling in 2007. Since childhood, Laney has had a greater interest in playing soccer and basketball games, so she participated in many competitions during her high school. Laney was a cheerful teenager with lots of plans and career goals but Laney Chantal Obituary news is what we all hear about.

Being a makeup artist was the dream of Laney, which she accomplished by taking the graduate course at the Cinema Makeup School.

Even Laney participated in many makeup competitions, and one of her most successful contest journeys was with the Syfy networks, owned by NBC. And she was assigned as the lead makeup artist for MTV’s music awards show (2021).

Laney Chantal Age and date of birth 

Laney was born on February 20, 1989, so she was currently 33 years old. But Laney Chantal died at 33, leaving all her ambitions and hard work in the coffin.

“Laney Chantal Wiki”: FAQs

  1. When did Laney die?

She died on October 31, 2022.

  1. What was the real cause of her death?

The overconsumption of drugs accidentally took her life.

  1. What was her Net Worth?

Her net worth was estimated to be around 25 million dollars 

  1. When were the funeral services for Laney Chantal planned?

Laney’s family has only planned a luncheon and has not mentioned anything about her funeral services.

  1. What was Laney’s husband’s name?

Jeordie White was her ex-husband’s name. 

  1. Was Laney single?

Yes, she was.

  1. Did Laney have social media accounts on Reddit?

No, she had accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

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