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{Full Watch} Landon Barker Fight Video Leaked On Twitter: Is Fight at Party Video On Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram? Details On Josie Canseco

The write-up on Landon Barker Fight Video Leaked on Twitter has tried to explain all the details.

Who is Landon Barker? What happened with Landon Barker? With whom did Landon Barker fight? When did the Landon Barker Fight Video Leaked on Twitter? If you also wish to know more details about Landon Barker’s fight, read this article. People from the United States have shown great interest in this topic; thus, we have decided to discuss it.

Landon Barker & Fight at a Party

Landon Barker is a young musician and an actor. As per sources, Landon’s fight is trending again because many netizens claim it to be a publicity act for his upcoming song. A video trending on TikTok and other social media platforms shows a fight between Landon and Joe Chavez, a TikToker.

The video of Landon’s fight had gone viral on social media, and it happened in August at an LA party. The actor also posted some bruised pictures of his face on Snapchat. TikToker Joe claimed he won the fight, which was very easy. As per reports, Joe claimed the reason to be Landon’s girlfriend, Charlie D’Amelio.  

Disclaimer: The video of Landon Barker’s fight has been removed from all social media platforms just a few hours after it was leaked. 

Landon Barker Josie Canseco & More

As per sources, at one point in 2022, Landon was rumored to be dating the model, Joise Canseco. Anyone made no official statement. But the rumors died when Landon unfollowed Joise in May and later announced his relationship with Charlie. 

Landon’s birthdate is 9th October 2003, and his birthplace is Santa Monica, California. He is the son of famous Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler (Travis’s second wife and now ex-wife). He has been a topic of discussion ever since Landon Barker Fight at Party news got out. Landon has appeared in several reality shows, for example, Meet the Barkers or The Kardashians.

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Fans & Netizen’s Reaction

Fans reacted with mixed reactions, although no one was pleased with all the drama. People commented on pictures Landon posted on his social media or his bruised face. Many discredited Joe Chavez because he said that he hit Landon and won. 

On the other hand, Landon was also roasted by the netizens on Tiktok, and people also said that ‘there is no way the fight broke out because of Charlie.’ Netizens have also claimed that the fight was just a publicity stunt for his new song ‘Friends With Your Ex.’

Social Media Accounts of Landon Barker


Landon has 5.3 million followers and over 120 million likes on the account. He is a famous personality on this platform, and his father, Travis Barker, also appears in his videos sometimes. 

Instagram Account Link:

Landon has 2 million followers and has uploaded just 4 posts till now. Barker is active on his social media platforms. 

YouTube-Account Link:

Landon has 131 thousand followers on his channel and posted just 3 videos. He’s not active on his YouTube channel. 


This article details the fight between Landon Barker and Joe Chavez at a party last month in LA. As per sources, the reason for the fight was stated as Landon’s girlfriend, Charlie, but these are just claims. The fight video was leaked on Telegram and all other social media platforms. The video has now been deleted, but it was trending because netizens claimed the fight was just for publicity of his new song. If you wish to know more about Landon, click here.

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