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Lando Norris Girlfriend 2023: Which Post Is He Updated On Instagram & Twitter? What Is His Weight? Get All Trending Facts Now!

The shocking news about Lando Norris Girlfriend 2023 left Lando Norris’s fans and followers numb.

Have you ever heard about Lando Norris? Do you know his girlfriend’s name? The famous racing driver, Lando Norris, announced shocking news about his relationship with his girlfriend. The fans of Lando Norris from the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom were shocked after hearing the news.

Some fans are still unaware of Lando’s announcement. They still searched for Lando Norris Girlfriend 2023 to know what exactly happened.


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Who is Lando Norris’s girlfriend?

The stunning Portugal model, Luisinha Oliveira, was Lando Norris’s ex-girlfriend. Yes, you are reading it correctly. They are no longer together. 

On 1st September 2022, racing driver Lando Norris posted about their mutual break up on Instagram. In January 2022, the couple officially revealed their relationship. But within eight months, they decided to break up.

Lando Norris Girlfriend Instagram:

Lando Norris’s girlfriend, Luisinha Oliveira, is very active on Instagram. She has more than 365k followers on Instagram. The fans of Luisinha Oliveira constantly appreciate her beauty. Her full name is Luisinha Barosa Oliveira. You can check our “Social Media Sites Links” section if you want to follow her on Instagram. 

Lando Norris Girlfriend Twitter:

The break-up news of Lando Norris and Luisinha Oliveira not only went viral on Instagram but also went viral on Twitter. The news spread like wildfire, and people continuously shared the news on various social media platforms. 

How did Lando Norris’s fans react after hearing the break-up news?

The fans of Lando Norris and Luisinha Oliveira were in shock after hearing the news. So many people saw them as an ideal couple. Once the Lando Norris Girlfriend 2023 break-up news came to the public, many fans of Lando and Luisinha felt sad. The couple used to post a lot of pictures on Instagram.

Who is Lando Norris?

Lando Norris is a famous Belgian-British racing driver who is now competing with McLaren in Formula One. Some fans of Lando Norris also searched for Lando Norris Weight. So, it is our topmost priority to give you every piece of information you want. Well, Lando Norris’s weight is 68 kg. Let’s check out the wiki of Lando Norris.

Lando Norris wiki:

Full Name  Lando Norris 
Date of Birth  13th November 1999
Age 2023 23 years
Birth Place  Glastonbury, England, United Kingdom 
Education  Millfield School in Street, Somerset 
Profession  Racing driver 
Marital Status  Unmarried 
Ex-girlfriend’s Name Luisinha Barosa Oliveira 
Nationality  Belgian-British 
Zodiac Sign  Scorpio 

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The Final Discussion:

The fans of Lando Norris and Luisinha Oliveira not only felt sad after knowing the Lando Norris Girlfriend 2023 break-up news, but also they felt heartbroken when they saw the couple on Netflix’s original show, F1: Drive to Survive the fifth season. The couple was shown in the first episode of the fifth season of F1: Drive to Survive

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Lando Norris Girlfriend 2023– FAQ Section:

Q.1 When did the couple officially announce their break up?

Ans. 1st September 2022.

Q.2 How many followers does Lando Norris have on Instagram?

Ans. 5.9 million.

Q.3 How old is Luisinha Oliveira?

Ans. 22 years old.

Q.4 In which show can we see Lando and Luisinha?

Ans. F1: Drive to Survive.

Q.5 Are they still together?

Ans. No.

Q.6 What is Luisinha Oliveira’s net worth?

Ans. $2.5 million.

Q.7 What is Lando Norris’s net worth?

Ans. $3 million. 

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