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Landi Token {Nov 2021} Chart, Price, Why To Buy? Address

This article helps to get some idea about the Landi Token, its features in brief, and the contract address.

There is good news for crypto investors. They can trade or invest in a completely new kind of token. It has unique features, new attributes and offers something new to the customers. 

The token doesn’t have a centralized format. So, investors can get extra benefits from this digital currency. However, the cryptocurrency is already famous in Latin American countries like Venezuela and Argentina. The crypto traders and investors are taking an interest in this cryptocurrency, i.e., Landi Token.

Let us first give a brief introduction to it!

What is the Coin? 

First of all, the coin has decentralized features. It can help the payment stack on the “Blockchain” platform. So, experts say there is no concern about the security protocol of this cryptocurrency.

Landi also helps those with a payment structure that is programmable and has an official payment structure. 

If you check the trending volume of this cryptocurrency, you can understand the coin’s market value. And it is also associated with various kinds of exchange platforms. 

Founder(s) Information of Landi Token

As per the financial expert’s views, we don’t find the creator’s name of the coin. But from various sources, we find out that you can win this coin via the “NFT” game. 

One can quickly log in to “Farmland,” and they can win this cryptocurrency by playing the game. This game can entertain the gamers, and side by side, the gamers can earn the coin.

As per the expert view, the coin came into the market recently. So, many buyers are checking the trends of the coin. Many experts also check all these trends daily to find out their future movements. 

Market Trends of Landi Token 

Let’s dig out the market statistics of the new member of this cryptocurrency. 

Present Price: $ 0.337838133943

  • Cap of the Market Sector: $ 3,378,381.339
  • Present Volume: $ 0.00
  • Rank of the Coin: No Data
  • 24 h high/24 h low: NA / NA

Price Change in 24 hours: 0.00%

Diluted market cap: 82,887,183,642 Turkish Lira

  • Fantom Coin YorumDominance: 0.24 % 
  • All-time high: No Information
  • All-time low: No Information
  • ROI: No Data
  • 30 days high /30 day low: NA/NA
  • Total Supply: 10.000.000
  • Landi Token‘sCirculating supply: NA
  • Maximum supply: No Data
  • Trading volume: NA

Note: Data mentioned above may vary with sites.

Why Do You Buy This Coin?

As per the expert’s view, this digital currency is entirely new in the market. So, if you are a cryptocurrency trader, you can start trading for this token. 

But still, they also say, one should check the market trends and take an expert view about this coin. As this cryptocurrency is the new inception and no helpful information is available, it will take time to know more about the token.

 How Do You Buy this Coin?

One can buy Landi Token via playing the NFT game on the “Farmland.” It is a unique idea to sell the coin.

But as it is brand new in the market, a straightforward buying process will come later.


  • What is the Contract Address of the coin?
  1. The contract address of the coin is 0xee3b44dAd11B7b046EdaB30B2B1cD7557281B48f .
  • Why is It Trending? 
  1. As per the expert view, the coin is a new inception in the crypto market. Besides this, it is associated with the “Binance Smart Chain.”

Final Verdict

Financial experts are saying this is a new kind of crypto coin. So, many are skeptical about buying Landi TokenAs per the expert view, they should wait and check the possibilities of the coin. After that, they can proceed to buy the coin. 

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