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Laidley Luke Obituary: Explore His Full Biography Along With Details Of Age, Parents, Net worth, Height & More

This article exposed Laidley Luke Obituary details and funeral information and more about Luke Laidley.

Who was Laidley Luke? What happened to Laidley Luke? How he stuck in the Michigan Lake. Laidley Luke has already survived the World Trade Center attack in the United States. Recently Laidley died while saving his children from the Lake. The Laidly Luke, a Chicago-area man’s death, makes everyone in deep sorrow. Read Laidley Luke Obituary article to know more about Luke’s cause of death and him in detail.


What happened to Laidley Luke?

Laidley Luke, 43 years old, from Winnetka, Illinois. Luke died on Tuesday. However, Laidley is trying to save children struggling afloat in Lake Michigan. They allegedly survived the 11th September 2001 World Trade Center attacks.

By then, Laidley Luke was 21 years old and worked for Morgan Stanley Company. His offices were situated in the South Tower. That is a few floors underneath the area that Flight 175 of United Airlines hit.

Laidley Luke’s Biography

Laidley Luke was born on 14th September 1979. Luke Laidley was the fifth kid o the couples Forrest and Diane Laidley. Luke has 5 siblings. They lived in Libertyville, IL. It is Chicago’s northern suburbs raised area. Luke Laidley was an enthusiastic athlete and stranded himself in faith. He graduated from Carmel Catholic High School located in Mundelein. And also resident philosophy from Boston College to serve as menfolk and womenfolk for others.

 After his degree in Finance from Boston College, he got his first career at Morgan Stanley at 21 years old in New York City. Read the entire article to know more about Laidley Luke’s Wiki details.

Laidley Luke’s and the World Trade Center

Laidley Luke started his first career at Morgan Stanley. It was the largest tenant in the World Trade Center’s Tower 2. 11th September 2001 was his second day on the job. He survived the attack. His office was located on Tower 2’s 61st floor.

After the incident, he wrote that he inspires all our blessings every day. Give yourself and don’t expect anything in return, and develop part of somewhat that is superior to yourself. 

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Luke Laidley’s Family

After the World Trade Center incident held on 9/11, Luke moved back to his hometown, which was located in Chicago. There Luke Laidley successfully completed his career in finance. 

Luke worked as a football coach at both Carmel Catholic high school and Loyola Academy. His satisfactory achievement was his marriage with Lauren nee Damico. 

The coupled were happily married for approximately 10 years. Luke’s true desire in life was to be a dedicated husband and an affectionate father. Their kid’s names are Lucas, Vivian, and Logan, respectively, 7, 5, and 3 years old. They were blessed Parents of three kids.

Luke and his family members shifted to Winnetka. There they merged the Catholic parish, Faith Hope and Charity. In that charity, they are active worshippers. Their 3 children attended school in the same place.

Luke – A true family man

Laidley Luke was core and a true family man. Luke was not only with his wife and kids but also an incredible person as a brother to his 5 siblings. And also for other family members like inlaws. And he was a lovely uncle to 17 nephews and nieces. 

Luke’s smile ignited the room. Luke showed positivity and persistence with the whole thing he did. From a young Age, Luke was a man who loved truly and deeply with all his heart. 

Luke Laidely lived his life directed by his involvement. Luke had numerous that allowed him to endow compassion, inspiration, love, and leadership to everyone. Luke lived a star’s song.

Luke Laidley Obituary 

Luke Laidley lived and comprised this faith to the end on 4th July 2023. He died to save his children’s life on Lake. Luke took the risk to save his kid’s life, who were struggling with their tube tossed on Michigan Lake. 

Luke’s philosophy was to give of yourself and expect nothing in return. It became part of somewhat that is better than yourself. Laidley Luke ObituaryLuke became part of a somewhat bigger, as his demise will serve as a better determination as an organ donor. He lived life with purpose. He lived to serve others. Finally, Luke lived as a hero.

Laidley Luke Funeral

Laidley Luke’s Funeral Mass will be on 15th July 2023, Saturday, at 10:00 am at St. Joseph Catholic Church. The church is located at 121 E Maple Ave, Libertyville. Visit time for Luke’s funeral will be from 4:00 to 8:00 pm on 14th July 2023.

Laidley Luke Funeral Address

  • McMurrough Funeral Chapel, 
  • Libertyville,
  • 101 Park Pl, 
  • IL 60048. 
  • For more Funeral info, contact: (847) 362-2626

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We conclude that Laidley Luke endangered his life for the children who were flipped in the lake water on Michigan Lake. Luke was the survivor of the World Trading Center attack on 9/11. He was the great hero of all his family members and loved ones. Click the link to get Luke Laidley’s Funeral details and more about him. 

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Laidley Luke Obituary: FAQ

Q1. What is Laidley Luke’s birth name?

Luke Graham Laidley

Q2. Where was Luke born?

Libertyville, IL, Chicago

Q3. What is Laidley Luke’s wife’s name?

Lauren nee Damico

Q4. When Laidley Luke’s started his career?

September 2001

Q5. Where did Laidley Luke work?

Morgan Stanley

Q6. When was Luke Laidelydied?

4th July 2023

Q7. Where did Luke Laidely die?

Michigan Lake

Q8. What is the cause of Luke Laidely’s death?

He tried to save his children who were struggling in Lake Michigan.

Q9. When was the World Trade Center attacked?

11th September 2001

Q10. What was Luke Laidley’s Net worth?


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