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Kyrie Irving Wife – Has Marlene after Nets star welcomes new baby?

Do you desire to fetch all the correct information on Kyrie Irving Wife? Please survey below the paragraphs to learn ahead.

Do you wish to grab all the informative clues to this topic? Have you tried to find Kyrie’s wife and his updated strings? Learn this article religiously to grab more hints. 

Kyrie Irving and Marlene Golden Wilkerson are currently attracting enormous attention over the Internet since the basketball player welcomed a baby. People are curious to know the complete family details of Kyrie Irving. After a long court session of a year, both have got a wonderful blessing. Now, to know further about Kyrie Irving Wife and the latest updates, keep scrolling down this post. 

Kyrie Welcomes New Baby

Before this year’s NBA season commences, the player welcomed a newly born child into his family. According to the sources, the Nets trainer, Steve Nash, announced on Wednesday that the 30 years old Kyrie Irving became a father. However, the basketball player hasn’t played in Thursday’s preseason match, but he was present and seen as ready to play next. 

Moreover, the Brooklyn Nets Beat Writer, Alex Schiffer, said that all the situations are fine but the answer to Kyrie playing the next preseason game is not known or disclosed. Let us proceed to the topic of Kyrie Irving Wife in the coming passage. Please keep reading to disclose his wife and family information in the upcoming passages. 

Meet Kyrie Irving’s wife Marlene Golden Wilkerson

From the sources, we understood that the player doesn’t seem to keep his relationship in more light. Moreover, upon surveying the link deeply, we learned and are in question whether Marlene Golden Wilkerson is his wife. According to a reliable link, Kyrie Irving engaged with Marlene in September 2019. Marlene belongs to Compton, California and is a noted blogger, lifestyle adviser, model and influencer with a massive follower base. 

Furthermore, well-known as Kyrie Irving Wife, Marlene also runs a YouTube channel, The Find Guru, having around or above 783k subscribers. Overall, Marlene is renowned for possessing immense knowledge of beauty, lifestyle and fashion content. Besides, Kyrie is a skilled and American-based basketball player, playing for Brooklyn Nets since 2019. Furthermore, his birth date is 23rd March 1992, and his birthplace is Melbourne, Australia. He won many recognitions and titles for his outstanding contribution to the basketball industry. 

The previous year, the couple was blessed with a baby boy, and Marlene posted a video about her gestation days till the baby’s birth. The in-depth research on Kyrie Irving Wife hinted that in August 2022, Kyrie paid tribute on Instagram to Marlene about her journey and wrote some loving quotes. Let us glance at the underlying passage to learn Kyrie’s family details. 

Meet Kyrie Irving’s Family

While researching, we noted that Kyrie is also blessed with a daughter named Azurie Elizabeth Irving from an earlier relationship. Moreover, Azurie’s birthplace is Dallas, Texas, and she was born on 23rd December 2015, i.e., she is only six years old. 

Andrea Wilson is her biological mother and a noted beauty pageant queen. However, from the Kyrie Irving Wife sources, we learnt that Azurie lives with her mom, whereas his father, Kyrie Irving, resides in West Orange, New Jersey, playing for the Brooklyn Nets. Also, Kyrie shared a post about his mother, Elizabeth Ann Larson. The post wished the mom thanked her for whatever she did. According to the sources, she died of sepsis when Kyrie was only four years old. 

Career And Life Details Of Kyrie Irving

He was born to Drederick and Elizabeth Irving on 23rd March 1992. Moreover, Asia is his older sister, while his younger sister’s name is London. After finishing college, Kyrie’s father moved to Australia to play professionally. The survey to a Kyrie Irving Wife link declared that his family spent a few days in the Melbourne suburb of Kew when Kyrie was 2 years old. He spent his childhood days with his father, who played basketball at Boston University. As a result, he became keen to follow his dad’s steps over time. Since his father played for Boston University, he lived at Boston’s skill camps and developed an interest in basketball. In his teenage life, he played for Road Runners. On 19th January 2010, he participated in the 2010 Junior National Select Team, and the group played at the Rose Garden on 10th April. 

Also, while peeling Kyrie Irving Wife sources, we found that he played in the 2010 Jordan Brand Classic and McDonald’s All-American Game, which gave him. In high school, he learned and upskilled and finally, in June 2010, at the FIBA Americas Under-18 Championship, he was part of the gold medal-winning team. Moreover, he had an outstanding NBA journey throughout his professional career. In the 2011 NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers opted for him, and he was later entitled as the Rookie of The Year. Also, in the 2016 finals, he hit a very crucial shot. During the 2016 Rio Olympics, he won the gold medal with the USA’s Men Basketball group. Please keep reading this Kyrie Irving Wife post to learn about Kyrie’s net worth information. 

Net Worth Of Kyrie Irving 

From a genuine source, we retained that he has an overall net worth of around $90 million. For playing for Brooklyn Nets in 2021-22, he will be rewarded with around $34,916,200. In addition, he recently signed with Nike, one of the best-selling shoes, thereby giving him profitable capital. Moreover, he also collaborated with Pepsi and played the role of Uncle Drew. In 2017, the Uncle Drew ad showed an old school featuring Pepsi in a fridge. The thread on Kyrie Irving Wife expressed that Uncle Drew became his nickname when a film of the same name was released in 2018. Also, he got a character in the film that was a gift for his fans with the curiosity of seeing him while acting. The NBA player also appeared in various shows and series like Kickin’ It, an American comedy created by Jim O’Doherty in 2012. In addition, he made numerous guest appearances, including the Family Guy. From the thread, we learned that he is fond of reading, dancing, singing and playing the baritone sax. The research on Kyrie Irving Wife highlighted that his idol is a famous ex-basketball player, Rod Strickland. Also, his cousin, Isaiah Briscoe, is a noted basketball player who played at the University of Kentucky. Therefore, due to his outstanding professional work and records, he made his presence and a massive follower base. 

However, in the Brooklyn Nets, he plays as No. 11 at the point guard position. Recently, news flooded the Internet regarding Kyrie trying to shift to Los Angeles Lakers while he opted for Brooklyn. From a legit source on Kyrie Irving Wife, we learned Stephen A. Smith commented that Kyrie is not re-joining Brooklyn and is trying to go to Los Angeles. He has also been in the headlines for his thoughts on many fields or theories. After he resigns from the agency, he will shift to Los Angeles. However, we are unsure about these details and only present them in this article for informative purposes. Learn more on this topic here.


  1. Who Is Kyrie Irving’s Wife?

Kyrie engaged Marlene in September 2019, but we doubt whether she is his wife.

  1. What Is The Latest News About Kyrie Irving?

Recently, Kyrie welcomed a new baby.

  1. What Is Kyrie’s Net Worth?

His net worth is nearly $90 million.

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